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   Chapter 561 The Most Direct And Effective Way

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10766

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Though Albert seemed to be a much easier opponent than the stern-faced Adolf, still, for some reason, Zed was worried inside his mind and the most inexplicable fact was that he had no idea why he was feeling so. It was just unsettling. It was for this very reason that he found it hard to answer Jean's angry question.

"Are you insane? What's going on in your mind?" Jean asked again. Apparently, she was extremely annoyed by him right now, as he had been silent the entire time without telling why.

"Zed, at least tell me why you feel that way?" Moore pushed Zed a bit as he fixed his eyes on him and waited patiently for an answer.

"I don't know. But I just have a strong feeling that it will be better if I trust Adolf. Now if you recall your memories of that when Adolf shouted at Avery today in front of us. Do you remember what was her reaction back then? To my surprise, Avery still looked compliant to Adolf. This clearly means that whatever Adolf said is for Avery's own good, and she understands it as clearly as we do. Don't you think that's true?

However on the contrary, Albert knows that Avery is a star who has a very tight schedule and that she trusts him very much, but he was still advising us to help get Avery out of the hospital later at night, despite the fact that he had initially asked us not do anything rashly no matter how Avery was feeling at the moment. That's kind of strange. If he was really trying to do good to Avery, he would never have done such a thing." Zed was busy analyzing the current situation, almost oblivious to the people around him.

"Really? But why?" Jean asked with confusion written all over her face. She added, "I thought that it was because he cares about Avery's feelings that he came up with the idea to help her out of troubles. Was I wrong?"

"I think we all saw very clearly what happened today when Adolf lost his temper. Don't you think it was extremely horrible? Now imagine what would happen if he found out that Avery escaped from the hospital tonight. Wouldn't he throw another temper tantrum just like we saw earlier on? No, getting through this so easily is impossible. The situation is going to be a lot more serious when Avery escapes and the damages it would cause would be catastrophic on both financial, as well as social scale. The media is going to scatter a lot of bad news about her and Avery is going to face too many problems in her future. However, if she doesn't want to be in the entertainment business, then that is fine,"

Zed explained with a serious look on his face.

"Is it that serious?" Jean enquired in surprise. She hadn't fathomed that the problems were so deep.

"The Internet works so well nowadays, and we all know how much gossip affects a person's life, especially when it comes on the Internet. This is an especially enormous problem for celebrities. Even you've suffered from it once, and I'm sure you know well about that. What do you think would happen if Avery had been the victim of the cyber violence this time?" Zed asked with his eyes fixated on Jean.

"It would be a hundred or maybe a thousand times harder for Avery to deal with it as compared to other people!" Jean uttered suddenly. Her face

her eyes widened and fixated on Zed.

"Well, yes. We're both men. So I know exactly what Moore would do if he felt something about her. It would be what any other man would do. When a man faces with a girl he likes, he will definitely try his best to behave when she is watching. And he won't do things that Moore does in front of Avery, together with his cool attitude," Zed replied firmly with a nod.

"If that's the case, it looks like it's going to be really hard to get the two of them together. Zed, as a man, what do you think is the most direct and effective way for a woman to make out with a man? How can she express her feelings for a man so that he gets deeply touched?"

Jean asked. She looked up at Zed, blinking her big, beautiful eyes, as if she were sincerely waiting for his answer.

Hearing her words, Zed suddenly put up an ambiguous smile on his face and replied, "Well, I would say that the fastest way to create feelings for each other, would be the one we've used before." After his words, Zed fixed his eyes on her as if he was waiting to enjoy the changes of her facial expression.

On the other hand, Jean felt a little bit weird by Zed's staring at this moment. She did not know how to respond for a few seconds with a puzzled look on her face.

All of a sudden, she then remembered that her relationship with Zed had changed inherently and deeply ever since they had slept with each other. At the realization that he was, at this moment, pointing to the fact that their feelings for each other were created through sex, she couldn't help flushing with embarrassment. And she was so shy that she buried her head into his arms and dared not look up at him for quite a while.

Noticing that Jean was flushing with shame, Zed's face lit up with a big smile. Suddenly, his mind flashed back to the time when he was with Jean in the past, and he couldn't help laughing out loud.

'I do think it is the most direct and effective way to create a connection with the opposite sex. If it had not been for this method, would Jean and I still have no connection at all right now?' thought Zed in his mind joyfully.

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