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   Chapter 560 How Can You Think Of Me Like That

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10169

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Jean wiped her eyes and stopped crying. She looked at Albert still with her glistening eyes and asked, "What's your idea?"

Albert was immediately stunned by her reaction. The woman who had been crying moments before looked entirely different from the woman looking at him eagerly. It made him feel like it was an illusion, but he shook this thought away.

After shaking off the clutter in his mind, he pretended to hesitate for a few seconds before saying, "As his twin brother, I know Adolf's temper very well. Today, Avery's behavior really angered him and made him even a little depressed. So, I'm certain that he went to a nearby bar tonight to drink away his worries and won't be able to stay in the hospital to watch over Avery. If you really want to help Avery escape from the binds of his control, then you'd better act tonight and rescue her from her room."

Looking at them one by one, Albert finished with a determined look.

Zed's eyebrows creased into confusion as he looked at Albert and asked, "You mean, we should take Avery out of the hospital directly?"

Jean looked at Zed and back at Albert. "But, Adolf said that he would make sure that bodyguards are there to protect Avery and to keep her from going out unnoticed, so how do you suggest we get Avery out with so many bodyguards there?"

Albert shrugged. "It's just a few bodyguards. I can handle them." On cue, he patted himself on the chest and assured them.

Jean instantly shook her head. "No offense, but you? No, you just told us a while ago that you are terrified of your brother, and so if he knew you helped us, who knows what he might do to you as well! Plus, I don't think this plan would be very good for Avery as well, given her condition. Her wish is just to stay here for a few more days, but if we take Avery out of the hospital in Adolf's absence so rashly and impulsively, how do you think she would be able to explain everything to Adolf when she returns? Once things get serious, it will ruin her path to stardom.

No, I don't think that will work." She shook her head once more in refusal.

"Just take it easy. Like I said, I'm the person who knows my brother best." Albert gave them a reassuring smile and went on to explain, "To tell you the truth, no matter what Avery does or how much trouble she causes, Adolf will never give up her, because she is his money spinner. How can he give up a money spinner? I mean, think about it."

Jean's eyes widened in shock. She gave Zed and Moore a quick glance, both of who had pulled long faces before turning back to Albert. "What? You mean, Avery is really just a money spinner in Adolf's eyes and nothing more?" Jean asked in disbelief.

"Yes, exactly." Albert nodded and gave them all glances. "Otherwise, what is it? Like I said, think about it. Why did Adolf suddenly become a manager while he used to be a high-ranking gangster? Because it's a fast way to get money, and there's no threat to life. So, if you don't help Avery get out of the hospital this time, she will only be used mo

course she has all the right to make the decisions about herself." Jean paused and eyed Zed suspiciously.

"Zed, the problem isn't about Avery explaining herself, is it? You just find this plan risky, so you can't seem to agree to it?"

Zed's eyes widened at Jean's question. "How can you think of me like that?" A bitter grin formed on his face. "I just think that it's quite impulsive to believe Albert right away. You don't know him very well, not to mention that you just met him for the first time today, and I don't think a person, who can make others put down their guard easily against him, will be as simple as he looks, so I'm also somewhat uneasy."

"What is there to be uneasy about? Don't you trust Albert? But, he looks exactly like Adolf! So, it must be true when he said he is Adolf's twin brother. Besides, he knows much about Avery, so it's true that he's Avery's assistant. Moreover, was it wrong for him to be concerned about Avery and the fact that he did not want her to suffer more with Adolf?

Zed, tell me, what on earth did he do to make you suspect him? Was it his concern for Avery? Or do you think his way of speaking is not as hypocritical as Adolf's, so you think he's suspicious?" Jean threw her guess at Zed like pouring beans. She was suddenly feeling infuriated.

Zed thought for a while before frowning deeper and then said, "To be honest, none of them. Somehow, Albert's sudden appearance just made me feel weird. On the contrary, I also believe in Adolf more, but I can't explain why for the time being." He shook his head, frustrated at how he couldn't find the right words.

" believe in Adolf more? That cold man?" Jean's eyes suddenly opened wide. She stared at Zed in disbelief.

Sighing helplessly, Zed could only grin bitterly at her shocked expression.

He really didn't know how to explain this gut feel to Jean. Even though it was just his intuition, it felt quite strong inside him, burning wild like someone was pouring fuel to keep the huge flame alive.

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