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   Chapter 559 Poor Avery

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6754

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As the three of them chatted happily in the living room, Luke came in and informed that there was a tall and strong man waiting outside.

"Is that Adolf? What is he doing here?" Confused, Jean turned to Zed for explanation.

Zed couldn't figure it out either so he said to Luke, "Let him in."

Upon hearing Zed's words, Luke left and then brought a tall and handsome man into the living room.

Everyone in the living room was astonished once their eyes fell on the new guest. It was a familiar face yet there was something strange about it.

'How is that possible?' they wondered.

The handsome man lifted the corner of his lips when he noticed the surprised look on their faces. He said, "I'm Albert, the personal assistant of Avery. I'm also her best friend."

"You are... Avery's personal assistant?" Jean was startled at his words as she couldn't help but look at Albert with a surprised face.

"It seems that you don't believe me," Albert replied with a smile.

"Of course. How come you look just like Adolf? If it wasn't for the height difference and expression on your face, I would have thought you were him!"

Jean replied sounding astonished.

"He's my elder brother. We are twins," Albert explained at once as his smile got bigger.

"There it is. But don't twins share the same height? Why are you shorter than your brother?" Jean couldn't help but ask. This time her curiosity wanted answers.

"It is probably because Adolf is more bossy than me. He must have taken my share of nutrition while we were still in our mother's stomach. That's why I'm a little shorter than him," Albert explained with a smile.

The height difference was more than just an inch.

"But I still don't understand. Why are you being Avery's personal assistant in spite of being a man? Are you willing to serve a woman just for high salary?" Jean doubted again and looked into Albert's eyes suspiciously.

"Of course not." Albert continued, "I was absorbed in gambling in the past so Adolf forced me to ta

nything except for scolding her. But it is inevitable that he will make sure Avery's schedule will be more tight. This is her punishment for now but it could get worse if the problem escalates,"

Albert explained while he looked sorry for Avery.

"He is so bossy. He is just a manager. How can he do that to Avery? Avery is an actress, not his puppet. He has no right to treat Avery like that,"

Jean said as she got angry. This whole situation looked strange to her.

"No matter what you have on your mind, I am warning you against doing something crazy. You'd better not act rashly since Avery doesn't want to see you get involved in this mess. I can tell that she really cares for you. Even when she was being scolded by Adolf, she asked me to look for you. It was her intention to inform you everything that happened. She wanted you to know that she is delighted to have met you. Moreover, she lived some of her best times with you."

As soon as Jean heard Albert's words, she couldn't help but allow the tears to flow out of her eyes. "Poor Avery... She is so poor. Isn't she a shining celebrity? How come she is living such a miserable life? I wish I could do something for her."

"Actually, if you really want to help her, I have an idea,"

Albert couldn't help but say as he realized Jean was really concerned about Avery.

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