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   Chapter 558 Only Because Of Him

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10591

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As she looked at her phone, Jean found out that it was a phone call from Avery. She excitedly pressed the answer key, but answered it in a composed and stern tone, pretending as if she didn't know who called her. "Hello? This is Jean speaking. Who is that?"

"Hey, Jean. This is Avery," replied Avery in a very low voice. There was reluctance in Jean's tone, so she cleared her throat and continued, "I have thought about it and realized that I want to make a choice without regretting it. Didn't you ask me if I want to stay in this country? I need your help, Jean. What do I need to do? How can I stay here?"

Jean's eyes immediately turned wide and gleamed upon hearing Avery's question.

"Well, it's easy. You take a cold shower instead of a hot shower," Jean replied and giggled, as she was very glad to know that Avery had finally decided to stay.

Avery's eyes furrowed in confusion. "Why? Wait. Do you want me to catch a cold so that I can continue staying in hospital?" Avery was so clever that she immediately understood what Jean meant.

"Bingo!" Jean burst into fits of giggles as soon as she said that. "You got it right!"

As she was immersed and excited on her phone call, Jean forgot that Zed and Moore were still beside her, listening to her. She didn't expect that her words had caused both men's ghastly facial expressions. She shrugged them away and turned towards the window, smiling.

"But, Adolf can see through such tricks very easily," said Avery with great anxiety and hesitation.

"You don't have to worry whether or not he could see through our tricks. What matters is that you want to stay, so your foremost task is to overcome your fear of him. Understood?"

Jean reminded with conviction on her tone.

"I think you misunderstood. I don't fear him," Avery said with a wry smile, and then added, "It's just because I respect him. Without his help, I shouldn't have achieved such a successful career. Anyway, I know now what I should do, so I apologize for bothering you!"

"Hmm. Well then, take care of yourself. Do remember not to take the cold shower too long, or else you would suffer from pneumonia. That would make matters really worse if that happens," Jean exhorted, sounding more and more mature at that very moment. Moore and Zed exchanged glances in the rear view mirror.

"Okay, noted! Bye, Jean, and thank you."

"Bye, Avery."

Jean's joy was still very noticeable on her face when she hung the phone up. Only then did she find that the atmosphere inside the car was a little gloomy and ice cold. Her smile was replaced by a frown.

She couldn't help but look at both Zed and Moore. As she had expected, both of them pulled a very long face. At the sight of that, she asked immediately, "What's wrong? Why are you two staring at me like that?"

She asked even though she knew the reason why they were staring that way.

"Jean, I thought you came up with good ideas, but what you just offered to Avery just now was a bad idea. You know very well that Avery is not a common person. If she gets seriously ill, Adolf will become anxious, and once he finds out you secretly instigated Avery to do that,

Moore had reached a consensus with each other, his face beamed with a trace of smile.

Leaning back in her seat with a relieved smile on her face, Jean had persuaded Moore to help Avery just by using words.

It seemed that she was more capable of convincing others than Zed.

Then again, Zed always had a feeling that Moore seemed to have figured out what Jean was thinking. He was wondering if his gut feel was true or not.

'Did Moore know that Avery loves him?

And so did Moore finally understand that the reason why Avery wanted to stay was because of him?'

Zed thought, shaking these thoughts away, because he found it impossible.

Besides, Avery had never confessed her love for Moore yet, and since Moore had not much of a true love experience, Zed concluded that he shouldn't have any understanding whatsoever about the feelings of love.

Therefore, Zed had concluded that Moore had only agreed to help Avery for the sake of Jean.

He was very certain about his guess that he would bet millions for it.

Jean helped Avery out of the kindness of her heart and even irritated Moore for his unwillingness to give favor to his classmate.

Moore had accepted Jean's request definitely, because he wanted to help Jean do something about her desire to help Avery.

But, Zed had never expected that Moore could be set up by Jean.

Zed could almost imagine how Moore would pull a long face and choke with fury after he knew that Jean helped Avery stay only because she hoped that Moore could accept her love. At the thought of this, a trace of smile was involuntarily betrayed on Zed's face.

Soon, they finally reached the villa and Zed drove the car into the garage. They had been busy dealing with Avery's matters all day long that as soon as they stepped inside the comforts of their home, they suddenly felt exhausted and hungry.

Zelda rushed and cooked quickly. After their meal, their stomachs were now full and satisfied. They walked towards the living room to drink tea and eat fruits, planning their schedules for the next day. Besides, it really had been such a long day.

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