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   Chapter 557 Don't Leave The Hospital

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10015

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Avery really wanted to nod and tell Jean affirmatively that she was happy, but she knew deep down that not only was she deceiving them, but she was also deceiving herself, so she could only give Jean a bitter smile and left it at that without continuing her words.

Jean saw the expression on Avery's face and knew it better. Her face turned determined. "Avery, although we just met for the first time today, I felt like we got along very well. In fact, I gained to like you very much, so I would really appreciate it if we get to spend more time with you. If you don't want to follow Adolf's arrangements and leave here sooner than you want to, then don't leave the hospital tomorrow and stay here instead to have a good rest."

"Don't leave the hospital?" Leaning on the headboard of the bed, Avery was tempted to accept the offer. Then again, she looked at Jean in surprise and then at Zed, who was standing aside.

'What? How can she say that?

The Qi Group has already spent millions of dollars just to invite me to endorse their featured products.

Shouldn't Zed and Jean expect me to finish the advertisement earlier?

Why did Jean still insist on making me stay longer than intended?

Don't they know that their company has to pay for all the expenses, not just for me but also for my assistants, makeup artists, image designers, bodyguards, and the rest of my staff?

Our daily expenses include our meals and accommodation, and I'm certain that's a really huge expense, so if I stay here for one more day, their company will have to pay more. Who would be willing to bear such a loss?' Avery pondered as she found it a bit weird that they were willing to do such.

Zed noticed her concerns judging by her facial expression and how she looked at both him and Jean, so he assured her immediately, "Don't think too much, Avery.

As long as you want to stay here for a few more days, we are willing to support you."

After hearing the sincerity in Zed's voice, somehow, Avery's eyes were brimmed with tears.

Her beautiful eyes glistened and became particularly clear and charming, because of how moved she felt at that moment, and for a while, she was speechless.

"Thank you. Thank you very much. You don't know how much your assurance meant to me." Avery choked. She smiled at both of them, but immediately shook her head slightly. "But... I can't just stay here and be so selfish to leave all my staff alone. Adolf would surely be angry with me once he knows what I plan to do."

Even though Avery gave both of them an apologetic smile, anger still surged throughout Jean's body. She frowned at Avery in frustration after her refusal. "Fine, I don't care. I have already told you everything I wanted to say. Since you don't want to cherish your body and determined to risk and sacrifice your life to compromise for your acting career, we can't stop you." Jean then turned to Moore before calling his name for his attention. "Since Avery's assistants and bodyguards ar

ight, but stop thinking too much and worry about Avery's business. She's a smart girl, who knows what she should and shouldn't do, and like you said, she is also a human being, who is capable of making her own decisions." Zed looked at Moore pointedly while speaking to Jean to which Moore nodded back in agreement.

Jean understood what Zed meant, but her mood became somewhat complicated.

'Does Zed mean that Avery hasn't made any move of making Moore fall for her, just because she hasn't fought for it herself?

Of course. Avery is a charming beauty. As long as she likes someone, that man can't surely escape her, but she also has devoted herself to her career over the years. How can she have time to think about her feelings?

So, is it really impossible for them to be together? Once Avery finally chooses her career?'

They finally reached the car, and Zed helped Jean once more. Once Jean was situated on her seat, she put on her seat belt uneasily, showing a sorry expression.

Just as the car started, Jean's cell phone suddenly rang, startling everyone in the car who was all too absorbed in their own silence and thoughts.

Although everyone else in the car heard the ring, Jean didn't for she was still too immersed and too lost in her own thoughts.

Zed turned to Jean and sighed, notifying her about it, "Jean, your phone..."

When Jean heard Zed mention her name, she felt startled and looked up back at him blankly and asked, "What?"

"Your cell phone is ringing, Jean!" Zed repeated, a little bit louder as to wake Jean up from her trance.

"Oh!" Jean's eyes widened in surprise. She quickly took out her cell phone from her purse. When she read the name on the caller ID, she felt shocked. "It's Avery. Did she change her mind?"

Jean uttered to no one in particular. Zed and Moore glanced at her, and curiosity was evident on both of their faces.

'Didn't Avery just fall asleep?

Why is she calling Jean?' Zed wondered, waiting for Jean to answer.

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