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   Chapter 556 Do You Want To Stay

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 5970

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It seemed like Adolf knew Moore really well, all this time.

But, how did he know?

He was Avery's manager.

"We didn't know each other back in Chicago. We only hung out when Moore came to H City for a little while. Now, he is staying at my house as a guest," Zed explained and smiled.

"Then he?" Adolf was surprised when he heard that. "So he didn't come to see Avery on purpose?"

"Of course not!" Jean laughed and continued. "I admire Avery a lot. I'm really happy that she is here to advertise our company's new product. So I asked Moore to come with us to pick Avery up at the airport. Avery had stomachache halfway and so we had to rush her to the hospital.

You see, it is quite difficult for me to move around as I got a foot sprain, and my husband is busy with work. So in order to keep everything in order, I had no choice but to let Moore take care of Avery."

"Oh so that's the case!" Adolf relaxed and looked at Avery unpleasantly. "If I hadn't put a tracker on your phone, I wouldn't have known that you were in the hospital. Were you planning not to tell me?"


Jean was surprised as she heard that. She looked at Avery and felt pity for her.

'As an actress and international star, does Avery have no freedom?'

Avery looked at Jean and smiled back bitterly.

"Adolf, don't get this wrong!" Avery quickly looked at Adolf and said pitifully, "Back then I passed out and when I woke up, I found myself at the hospital. I had wanted to call you after I had finished the porridge.

I know you are worried about me. It was selfish of me to not call you earlier. I was careless. I promise I won't do it again. You won't have to worry about me after this."

Avery apologized.

Jean felt sympathetic for Avery.

Adolf was just a manager.

shoot for the ad?'

Then everything she did before this was a waste?

Avery was touched and she looked at Jean. "I'm okay! I had porridge just now, and I feel much better already!"

Then, she looked at Moore gratefully, who was silent all this time.

Jean looked at Moore too. He didn't speak a word after Adolf appeared.

'Was he scared by Adolf?

Did he feel threatened?

Maybe, Moore has feelings for Avery too?'

thought Jean as her eyes glittered with happiness.

"Avery, it was not easy for you to come to our country. If you leave so soon, I'll miss you!" said Jean as she looked at Avery.

"I'll miss you too! But my schedule in Los Angeles was decided three months ago. They have been preparing the set for three months. I can't leave all those people waiting. It would be irresponsible of me to just think about myself,"

Avery said.

"You work so hard and I'm afraid that you'll get sick. If you only work, then what's the point of living? You don't even get time to enjoy. Avery, tell me honestly! Are you happy? Do you feel happy? Do you smile genuinely? From your heart?"

Jean looked at Avery and bombarded her with a series of questions.


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