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   Chapter 554 Listen, Don't Cry

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7070

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"I know you think I am too nosy, Moore," Jean replied, smiling wryly. "But, Moore, we are friends, and I only want you to be happy. Tell you what, from now on, I will stay away from anything you don't want me to get involved in. Deal?"

Seeing Jean compromise finally, Moore nodded and replied, "Okay! Good. As you said it, deal!"

"Fine then," Jean confirmed again.

'Idiot! I know you don't want me to do that and dislike it when I do. But even after this deal, I will do it more tactically and secretly. It will be all the same now too.

I don't believe that you are immune to such beauty as Avery possesses, unless you are not a man.'

Jean smirked with the thought and even her eyes revealed her smugness.

'It was worthwhile to sprain my ankle then.

Moore has forgiven me finally because of that.'

Jean was so happy that she forgot the pain totally. Even when the doctor pressed and pinched her sprained foot to examine the conditions, she was still smiling all the time.

"It looks like there is no injury to the bone. It was just a muscle strain. You should apply some medicine where the sprain took place and take some anti-flammatory medicines when you go back home. It should recover soon,"

The doctor advised as he wrote the prescription and handed it to them.

"Alright. Thanks," Jean replied with a sweet smile.

"Doctor…" Suddenly, Moore furrowed his eyebrows instead of being happy and glanced at Jean who was smirking to herself. He continued and hearing him, Jean's smirk was wiped off. "She is pregnant. Can she take these medicines?"

"Pregnant?" The doctor stopped playing with the pens on his desk on hearing Moore's words. He gave a glance at Jean who was smiling carelessly and sighed, "Luckily your husband mentioned this in time. These medicines I prescribed are not good for the fetus."

Jean's smile froze when she heard the doctor.

She had almost done something terrible to her own baby just because she had been so carried away.

It was not until now that she got frightened.

"Doctor, I am not her husband. I am just a friend of hers," Moore expla

going to be a father. We are of course exhilarated for the coming of the baby and we are anxious to see it come to this world. However, you know, it has been only a very short period of time since we got this news. And you experienced so many things lately. It is understandable that you forget it momentarily.

Okay, stop crying now. Didn't the doctor tell us last time that your emotions will have some influence on our child? Now you cry so hard, our child will feel sad too. Do you want our child to be a cry baby when it comes to this world, just like its mother?"

"You are a cry baby yourself," Jean retorted weakly hearing him say that.

Zed smiled immediately as he saw his words work. "Okay, I know you are a brave mom. So for the sake of your sprained ankle, I will force myself to do the hard job of carrying you back."

"Force yourself?" Jean sniffed. "Your child is in my belly. You will not just carry me, but you have to carry two persons. If it is too hard for you, then don't bother."

"No, no, no. I will be so glad to do that. It is my pleasure to carry you and the baby!" Zed corrected himself hurriedly and said with a flattering smile.

He didn't want to cause any more emotional breakdown of Jean at the moment.

Jean curved the corners of her lips and smiled smugly. She put her face on the broad back of Zed with pride.

Zed carried her carefully and walked outside.

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