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   Chapter 551 He Is My Husband

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9869

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Jean's smile was infectious. Beaming, sunny and wide — the moment Zed laid his eyes on her face, he too caught on to her happiness and started smiling back at her. Turning towards Moore, he said, "You and Vikki are friends, and she is hired by our company. During her stay here, our company will take full responsibility for any problems that may occur. But as a friend, I know I can count on you. So do me a favor please and take good care of her.

You know my work always keeps me busy. I don't even have much time for Jean. And with Jean being pregnant, she has become extremely sensitive to smells. I doubt she can even step into a hospital because of its strong distinct smell. Please see if you can tend to Vikki? It'll set my mind at ease, Moore,"

said Zed earnestly. How could Moore refuse Zed's simple request? It was rare that he had asked Moore something so straightforward. Knowing that he had an upper hand, Zed patted Moore's shoulder to coerce him into agreeing.

With a wry smile on his face, Moore was lost in thought. Some minutes passed by and then, it struck him. 'How could I not take Zed's hint?

Still, I'll have to decline what Jean and Zed are trying to do. Their plan to make a match between Avery and me won't go anywhere.

We are just friends and nothing more.

But how do I turn Zed down? I can't say, 'no', not after all that he has done. Anyway, my refusal will make everyone embarrassed, be it Zed, Jean, or even me, ' reflected Moore turning the thought over in his head.

"Alright!" replied Moore and shrugged his shoulders. His eyes met Zed's for a brief second. Moore added, "Don't worry! I'll come to the hospital and take care of Avery."

"Wait, Moore, what do you mean by that?" uttered Jean. Seeing Moore agree to Zed's persuasion in the first go had Jean livid. Her face was seething with resentment which she couldn't contain anymore, "I've talked to you twice, but you always turned me down. Zed, on the other hand, asked you only once. And you said yes to him! Why did you do this to me? I can't be your friend anymore. Or else you tell me, Moore, are we really friends? Is this what friends do?"

"So you don't want me to promise Zed?" Moore asked back in a cool tone. He was hardly affected by Jean's words and remained calm through her tirade.

"Of course I don't mean that," replied Jean. Moore's smart comeback left Jean speechless. For a few seconds, she was silent but then quickly recovered. "I am only expressing my anger towards you. Can't you see how you've wronged me? I don't think you regard me as a friend at all……"

Moore did not know what to say, realizing that Jean was really irritated at the moment. Her anger had reached such a level that she didn't mind reproaching him this way in front of Zed. Still, Moore was quiet not betraying how nervous he had suddenly become.

He looked at Zed with a helpless look on his face and shrugged.

Meanwhile, Zed nodded to Moore

tainly Avery looked ecstatic with joy but the fact that their marriage had been such a happy news to Avery raised questions in Zed's mind.

'Didn't Jean go with Moore to meet Vikki at the airport early this morning?

Why did Vikki not know about my relationship with Jean until now? Shouldn't Vikki know that I'm Jean's husband at the first meeting itself? So how did Moore introduce Jean to Vikki?

And with that smug smile on Jean's face right now, did I miss something out?

Or else is Vikki in the hospital not because of a physical ailment but something more?' wondered Zed as such questions buzzed in his mind. Still, he suppressed the urge to ask and remained calm as usual. But something told him, that maybe should ask one out loud?

On the other hand, Jean was gloating with a big smile on her face. She was pleased with herself for having 'read' Avery's mind through her trick.

'The conversation that I had with Moore in the car could have revealed the truth of me being married and pregnant to Avery.

But she did not know that my husband is someone else and not Moore. And now, with her being in the throes of such happiness, in her heart, she…

Anyway the quarrel between Moore and me in the car must have led her to thinking that we are a couple.

Perhaps, she was already guessing Moore to be my husband but it was all too much for her to digest? And is this why that her fragile body suffered from gastritis, shocked as she was.

Of course, mind and body are inseparable and can affect each other in so many ways.

Avery's feelings for Moore are much deeper and stronger than I expected. Or else she wouldn't have reacted so strongly. Bodies don't tell lies, ' thought Jean in her heart.

And the thought of it made her even happier.

"I don't think my life is as dazzling as you say. But you, Avery, you really impress me with your cool career," said Jean with a smile. She kept her eyes fixed on Avery transmitting all joy.

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