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   Chapter 550 You Can't Escape

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8482

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Jean's eyebrows furrowed into frustration. "I really don't understand. What are you trying to resist? Avery is a really nice girl. She's beautiful, gentle, and likes you so much. Everything you can ever hope for a girl!

You both have already graduated, and so many years have passed already after that, but she still misses you. She even came to this strange country for you. And now, as soon as she got off the plane, she was hospitalized. She hasn't even set foot for a day! Moore, is your heart made of stone? Weren't you moved and touched at all?

If I were you, I would have asked her to be my girlfriend or even ask her for marriage and have children with her. I would not just stay just friends with her after all her efforts and loyalty."

Moore looked at Jean and chuckled bitterly. "Unfortunately, you are not me, Jean. In the emotional world, it is not as long as one pays, he will be rewarded. It just doesn't work like that. I just don't like her. No matter how many years have passed or what she has done, it can't be changed."

"Tell me that again, straight in the eye. You really don't like Avery?" Jean looked at Moore eyeing him suspiciously.

Avery was so passionate and beautiful. Not only was her outside sparkling but also her inside shone in the dark, but how could Moore not like her?

She couldn't imagine how many of Avery's fans would be heartbroken about it.

Moore looked Jean straight in the eye and replied affirmatively, "Yes, I don't like her."

Jean looked at Moore intently, trying to figure out if he was trying to fool her by convincing himself that lie as well. When she couldn't find anything, she asked carefully without trying to be insensitive, "Do you like another girl? Or are you gay?"

Moore took a deep look at Jean and felt bitter and disappointed.

He didn't expect Jean to think that way.

Gay? Really?

'How could she use the word on me?' Moore thought.

"Neither," he finally replied. Moore looked at Jean and sighed, "Don't think about it too much. She's just not my type."

"So what type of girl do you like?" Raising an eyebrow, Jean asked curiously.

"I don't know exactly. Maybe I won't know until I meet that girl. It's just that I don't really reciprocate her feelings." Moore didn't want to continue discussing this issue, which only made him feel more embarrassed.

"Oh, I see. I understand," Jean replied and suddenly showed an expression of embarrassment. Her face flushed. If that was the case, how could she find Moore a girlfriend?

There was

w, today's paparazzi are all-pervasive, and any scoop about her is worth the money. Moreover, she is an international superstar. For them, as long as they can interview her, that will be headline news, and I'm pretty sure that they will do anything to get what they want from her. So, I think it's absolutely unreliable to find someone else to take care of her,"

Jean explained, shaking her head.

"What did you just say?" Zed's face suddenly turned weird. He blinked twice and looked at Jean.

"Avery is Vikki. Why? What's wrong?" Jean eyed Zed doubtfully and asked.

"Did you just say that the international superstar Vikki is Moore's friend?" Zed gazed at Jean and asked again with a slightly weird and surprised look.

"Yes. Do you know her?" Jean saw Zed's expression and got even more confused. Zed shook his head.

"I don't know her personally. All I know that she's here to endorse the featured products of our company." Zed sighed and turned to Moore. "If I knew she is your friend, I would let you contact her directly."

"Wait, what? Zed, do you mean that you invited Avery?" Jean was shocked and looked at Zed. She couldn't believe what she was hearing right now. Pieces seemed to align.

"Yes, do you think it's incredible? I mean, I can't believe it as well," Zed said and nodded as he tried to realize the point as well.

Jean gave Zed a smile. "Hey, Zed, is it just me or the world's too small? Does it feel like we are all destined to meet?" Jean looked at Moore and gave him a meaningful look. "Moore, you really have to take care of Avery this time. No buts, no ifs. You can't escape!"

Jean said full of excitement and with a huge smile on her face.

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