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   Chapter 549 The Fight

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8387

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"Well, I came here for a commercial. It might take three to seven days. It depends," responded Avery. Soaking in her own world, her voice sounded tired.

Jean's eyes widened in delight. "For a commercial!" She exclaimed and looked at Avery with her bright eyes. "What kind of commercial is it? May I come? I really don't want to stay at home alone and have nothing to do. Please let me come," she begged.

She gave Avery a sad puppy look and waited for her to respond.

Before Avery said a word, Moore interjected impatiently, "Jean! Don't rock the boat. Avery is going to work. She will not have time to play around with you."

Jean frowned at Moore. "What do you mean, Moore?" She hurled the question at Moore and continued, "I haven't gone out for some days, and I'm really restless. I just want to see how Avery shoots a commercial. Why can't I go?"

"Don't get upset with me! I really don't have a say in this, but Zed will," Moore responded in frustration.

"Oh my god, Moore! What are you talking about? I am going there no matter what, and I don't see any reason why I can't go. Also, dragging Zed into this will not change my mind. Sure, Avery is your friend, and because of you, I knew her, but why would I need your permission to see how she advertises a product? And how am I going to rock the boat? Am I a trouble maker in your eyes? Are you hearing what you're saying?"

Jean threw several more questions at Moore. By now, she was clearly upset as she crossed her arms on her chest.

Before Moore could respond, Avery raised her voice. "Stop it, both of you!" She felt like she had to step in since the argument was getting even more tense. And taking a deep breath, she continued with a now calmer tone, "Fighting about a small thing isn't worth it. Jean just wants to see the commercial shoot, Moore. I don't think it's a big deal. Why are you so opposed to the idea?"

Moore sighed helplessly. He said, "It's difficult for me to explain to you right now."

"Mrs. Jean, please forgive me for interrupting, but I'm certain that Mr. Moore is just looking out for you," Toby, who was in the driver's seat, interjected, glancing at them for a second on the rear view mirror. The car fell silent after he said those words.

Avery furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. She gave both Jean and Moore a weird look as she thought. 'Mr. and Mrs.?

What does that mean?

Are they already married?

Is that the reason they denied their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend a whil

ous she still worried about Avery.

On the other hand, Moore was walking back and forth. He kept glancing at the emergency room. His worry was just as much as Jean's.

Jean felt extremely restless. She then turned to Moore and called out his name. She walked in front of Moore, stopping him from his trance, and calmly asked, "Why did you stop me from seeing the commercial shoot? Avery passed out because I fought with you, and I shouldn't have done it. If anything happened to Avery, I will never forgive myself."

Moore looked at Jean and sighed. "Jean, don't blame yourself. It has nothing to do with Avery's condition. It might due to her own health, but rest assured, she is tough girl, and she would be fine. So, don't blame yourself."

Jean looked at Moore and sighed as well. After a moment, she asked again, "Then, can you please tell me why we fought? Why did you stop me from going to the commercial shoot? Is it really because of my pregnancy? Or is there something else that you are not telling me about? Don't try to fool me, Moore. You know I won't buy any of your crap."

Moore took a good look at her and sighed. She was not going to let it go without an answer, but he couldn't really give her a reason.

"Just let it go. I don't really have anything to say," Moore responded, dejectedly.

"Huh. I knew it!" Jean sighed and continued, "You're aware that Avery has a feeling towards you, right? You also knew that she traveled hundreds of miles not just because of the commercial, but also because of you, right? Moore, she did all of this for you, and I don't understand why you're still trying to deny everything. Why can't you face it?"

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