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   Chapter 547 The Heartthrob

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6501

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Jean's infatuation with Avery was completely out of the blue. Nobody least of all Moore thought that this would happen.

In the past months, he had seen Jean exercise control over her emotions. But apparently, not this time, not in front of Avery.

Clearly, this was a googly.

Avery too was taken by surprise at Jean so openly expressing her emotions. Still, her face had the same smile that she'd probably have if some stranger had walked up to her and had said a friendly 'Hi!'

But when she turned to Moore, she shrugged her shoulders and gave him a meaningful smile.

Moore got it at once and told Avery, "Don't be mistaken about her. She just really likes you. She..."

"Exactly. I like you so much. Avery, you are Moore's friend. So you are my friend too. I know that international superstars like you are usually put up in 5-star hotels. But can I have the honor to invite you to live at my house? I took the liberty of preparing a room for you," said Jean.

"Jean, Avery is here on business, not leisure. And you've seen that she has got so many bodyguards and staff following her. It's not convenient for her to live at your place. Please don't embarrass her,"

Moore said before Avery uttered a syllable, trying to bail her out of such an embarassing situation. Naturally, he wanted Jean to change her mind.

Avery might have understood something and looked at Jean doubtfully. "I think I've just heard that you want me to live at your house. Moore, do you live together?"

Jean felt the sharpness of the comment. To add insult to injury, she saw Avery's smile frozen in an unwelcome way.

Jean realized that Avery was just being polite.

But when she turned to Moore to look at him, her smile suddenly became warmer like the sun had just risen on a dewy field.

'Is it my illusion?

Or is it that Avery dislikes only me?'

Jean reflected on Avery's question. Suddenly she realized what was wrong with the g

Avery smiled happily and clasped his arm tighter, getting into the car.

To Avery's surprise, Jean was sitting on the seat next to the driver's. Moore and she were sitting together at the back.

Avery carefully looked at Jean again.

She felt Jean was not that simple.

'Obviously Jean knows Moore well. They are not ordinary friends.

But why would she let me live at her house?

Why does she sit on the co-passenger seat?

Why does she choose to trust me?

Just because I'm a superstar?

Or is it Moore who she trusts?'

Clouds of confusion hovered on Avery's face. She looked at Moore sitting next to her. He too looked preoccupied with troubling thoughts on the horizon.

"Moore, what are you thinking?" Avery asked.

It was too quiet in the car. She cleared her throat to disturb the disquieting silence.

"Nothing," Moore replied, snapping back to his senses.

"Are you guys feeling bored?" Jean turned around facing Moore and Avery and said, "Why don't you tell me an anecdote from your college time?"

"College time? There is nothing special." Moore refused Jean's suggestion bluntly.

Moore couldn't fathom the actual reason behind Jean's friendliness to Avery

until he calmly thought about it in the car.

Jean had misunderstood their relationship.

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