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   Chapter 546 You Are Overthinking

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9555

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Jean looked around in haste. "Moore, why is no one else here? Where is Avery? And the other passengers? Have you seen her? Did she say what clothes she is wearing?" Feeling anxious, she looked at Moore with worry.

"The flight that we saw just now has been chartered by Vikki. Since, except for Vikki, the staff and her bodyguards, I haven't seen any other passengers, that looks like the case," Moore explained as he looked back at Jean.

"What? Really? It has been chartered by Vikki? Wow, she really is a superstar, even taking a plane ride is very luxurious." Envying the superstar, Jean couldn't help but lift up a smile at the thought of her in the place of the wealthy and very fortunate superstar.

Not long after, the smile on Jean's face quickly disappeared as she remembered what she really came here for. She turned to Moore and asked anxiously, "Wait, so, if this flight has been chartered by Vikki, how about Avery? Hasn't she arrived?"

Seeing Jean's anxious look, Moore could not help but sigh secretly. "She has come."

Jean then immediately started to look around for a girl more beautiful than her. "Is she coming, Moore? Did she already arrive? Where is she? Have you seen her already?"

"Yes. I have seen her, and she has also seen me. But, she can't come to meet us now, so, I suggest we go back first!" Moore said to Jean, already turning his back and ready to go.

Jean stopped Moore and asked in a displeased voice, "Wait! Really? Where is she? And why can't she go with us?

Moore, is it because you haven't invited Avery to stay with us in my home?" She narrowed her eyes towards Moore and crossed her arms on her chest.

In reply, Moore smiled bitterly.

Indeed, he did not tell Avery to stay with them, because he felt that it was completely unnecessary given her situation.

Avery and he wasn't really close, and he wasn't lying about their relationship. Moreover, he wasn't familiar with her.

Yesterday, he might not have known the reason why Avery was suddenly coming to H City, but now he knew.

As he saw Jean's unhappiness clearly evident on her face, Moore opened and closed his mouth, not knowing how to explain the situation to Jean and ended up choosing to just smile bitterly at her.

"Don't worry too much, Jean. Let's get on the car, and I will explain it to you later," Moore said to Jean, already ready to turn and walk away, but again, he was stopped by Jean.

"No! I want you to give me a reasonable explanation now." Jean stared at Moore with anger and kept her place.

Moore looked at Jean helplessly and noticed how small crowds were already staring at them and murmuring, making him feel embarrassed. He sighed at Jean's stubbornness and decided to tell her anyway so as not to cause a scene.

When Moore was about to open his mouth and tell Jean everything, his mobile phone ran

ry, I am Jean, Moore's friend."

After saying that, Jean reached out her hand to Avery. Avery couldn't help raising her eyebrows and looked at Moore intently, trying to ask a non-verbal question.

Seeing this scene, Moore felt funny but he tried to conceal his feeling and nodded. "She is my friend, and it was she who asked me to pick you up, knowing that you are coming to our country."

Jean's face immediately flushed. She thought she did all this for Moore, and she did not expect him to tell Avery straightforwardly.

"Oh no, no. It has nothing to do with me. Moore said that he hasn't seen you for a long time, so he wants to meet you," Still humiliated, Jean quickly shook her head and explained. Moore couldn't help rolling his eyes helplessly and chuckled under his breath.

He didn't expect that Jean would lie to make himself look good in front of Avery. However, it wasn't appropriate to point out the lie in front of Avery, so he just let it go.

Meanwhile, Avery just smiled at them. Then she turned towards Jean, who had trouble speaking in English so she told her, "You can speak in Chinese. I can understand and speak Chinese as well, so you don't have to bother yourself."

Hearing that, Jean widened her eyes and looked at the beautiful Avery. "You can? You can speak and understand Chinese?"

Avery looked at Jean and nodded. She spoke in Chinese fluently, "Yes, when I was in college, I learned from Moore for two years, and after that, I practiced and so I can speak a little Chinese."

Jean's eyes suddenly brightened and became excited. "Vikki, you are so excellent! Did you know? The first time I saw you today, I really admired you, and I can't help but feel envy as well. I did not expect that you are Moore's friend, which made me even happier. Oh, well, not just because you are, well, a superstar, but also because you seem really beautiful inside and out."

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