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   Chapter 545 You Can Give It A Try

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 5791

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Moore watched helplessly as Jean walked away.

He knew Jean was doing this for him. She intended to take the trouble to entertain Avery for his sake.

But his relationship with Avery wasn't what Jean had in mind.

'God knows why Avery came all the way to H City, but I don't think she comes just to visit me, ' thought Moore.

But since Jean had already made up her mind, Moore didn't want to oppose it.

Zed would definitely mind having a stranger at his home!

At the dinner table, Jean had told Zed about Avery coming over to stay, but much to Moore's surprise, Zed nodded in agreement.

"Avery is Moore's friend which is why we should let her stay as well," said Zed and smiled as he saw how happy Jean was.

'Avery is Moore's female friend, ' thought Zed.

Zed always trusted Moore, so he was relieved to have him stay with Jean, but now it was even more assuring to know that he had a close female friend.

Zed was even more delighted to see Jean getting excited over this.

Moore felt helpless. He ate his food without speaking much.

Later that night, as Zed walked out of the bathroom, he saw Jean reviewing the menu. He smiled genuinely.

Zed walked over to her and hugged her. He then asked, "You look so happy because Avery is coming over?"

"Of course!" Jean sighed and continued, "You see Moore is not a boy anymore. When I asked Moore about Avery, it seemed that she had quite an impression on him. He said she is beautiful and prettier than I am. Zed, do you think if I do something for them, they would develop feelings for each other?"

said Jean excitedly and watched Zed.

Zed paused for a long while and then sighed, "It is possible! You can give it a try!"

"Great! It is decided

Jean grabbed his sleeve and exclaimed.

Jean was staring at Vikki whereas Moore looked at her in confusion.

Vikki looked where they were standing and noticed something. She was surprised but due to her fans around her, she had to keep walking.

It was not until Vikki walked away and disappeared that Jean sighed with satisfaction and said, "Moore, from now on, I am a fan of Vikki. I will follow every news update about her!"

"Jean, you don't have to do that!" Moore sighed and continued, "You just have to be yourself. You don't need to envy others."

"No, I don't envy her! I admire her!" exclaimed Jean and rolled her eyes at Moore. She shook her head and continued, "I rarely like any superstars because what they show is always the good side of them. I always felt that it looked quite unnatural. But today after I saw Vikki, I think I like her,"

admired Jean. Moore sighed and shook his head.

Jean giggled and got lost in her thoughts.

Moore reminded her, "Let's go now!"

"Go? You don't have to pick Avery?" Jean looked at Moore in confusion.

As she turned around, there was nobody around the exit. Everybody was gone.

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