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   Chapter 544 Beautiful Friend

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9887

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"You don't need to be grateful, Moore. I just hope that you won't regret your choices. I heard that Edna's business have skyrocketed over the past few years,"

Jean said in haste with a reluctant smile.

Moore sneered at Jean's comment. "Her business will still be meaningless regardless of how huge of a deal it becomes. Hanley spent money so extravagantly. Her money would not be enough to compensate for her son's enormous amount of bets." He shrugged carelessly.

"Well, you know Hanley is addicted to gambling." Jean's eyes widened in surprise at Moore for knowing about Hanley's addiction to gambling. After a while, she smiled and said, "Does knowing about Hanley's like for gambling mean you also care about him?"

"Of course not. I was just bothered by him so much that I paid more attention to him. After all, you have to know someone's whereabouts when one always comes only to cause you troubles, so that you will have an idea on how to deal with him when the time comes."

A bitter smile formed on Moore's face as he uttered these words.

"And so, if I got it right, you are going to use this detail about him to threaten him, so he would stop badgering you?" With a frown on her face, Jean asked Moore very skeptically.

"If not, then what else can I do? Besides, there are already evidences that prove I am right. Aren't they?" Without removing his gaze on Jean, Moore continued, "I wouldn't have given up and threatened him to come to a compromise if I didn't know that he was addicted to gambling and needed money for all the debts."

Jean nodded. "Well, that also sounds reasonable." She paused and continued, "I don't know what you are thinking, but whatever you decide, I hope that you can be happy in the end."

Moore stared at Jean a little gratefully despite being full of bitterness.

'Jean, I know that you don't believe what I have said. I even can't believe it myself.

One thing is for sure. I hate all members of the Bai family, a lot more than I can imagine. More so, I hate them finding me and badgering me every chance they could get, again and again and one after another.

In order to lead a happy and peaceful life as before, I have no choice but to give up... to give up all that I shouldn't have had.

I know that you feel sorry for me, but nothing else is more important for me than you at this very moment. Do you know that?

No, of course, you surely don't know that.

I even made a deal with Hanley, the man I hate the most, so that I won't make you upset and worried. You already have too much in your hands.

Then again, I couldn't help but wish that everything can end smoothly.

I also hope that my relationship will be completely severed with the Bai family, ' thought Moore, feeling despair inside him.

After a while, Jean and Moore finally went back to the Qi house, but Zed was still not at home.

At that afternoon, the two of them drank cups of coffee and ate some dessert. B

ng, Moore," Jean replied a little disappointed, as she was infuriated by his words.

"Well, I..." Before he finished his words, Moore betrayed a wry smile and continued, "My relationship with her isn't so good that I can't even take her home."

"Moore, saying something like this is futile." Moore's words made Jean angrier, and then, she added, "She is travelling so far away from a foreign country to the H City for you, and so why are you trying to tell me that your relationship with her isn't so good? Are you trying to frighten me? Or are you lying to yourself?"

"No, I really mean it. What I just said is true." Moore got anxious upon hearing what Jean had said to him. Then, he explained, "I have no idea why she is coming here, but I am certain that whatever her reason for coming here won't be definitely because of me. Perhaps, she is coming here for some other businesses and will just visit me while she's here. Jean, you really don't need to entertain her for my sake. It is really unnecessary."

"You know, Moore, so far, I ultimately understand why you don't have many friends." As she said this, Jean couldn't help sighing heavily and continued, "Since she is specially coming here to meet you, you have to entertain her well however good or bad your relationship with her is. As I said, your friend is also my friend. You are afraid of being troubled, but I am not. As you know, I like lively atmosphere the most, and besides, there are many guest rooms in this house. If she stays here, our huge and empty house will feel livelier, so it's a deal. Avery will stay here, and I will not allow her to stay in a hotel, no matter how long she will have to stay."

Without another word and another look at Moore, Jean directly went to find Zelda. Moore stayed behind, wanting to say more against that idea but hesitated and kept silent instead, knowing fully well that it would be difficult for him to change Jean's mind once she already made up.

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