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   Chapter 542 Why Did You Stop Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7086

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"Thank you, Jean!" Moore wanted to express his gratitude to Jean. "Thank you for always supporting me."

"You are welcome! As your friend, I am really glad to do that for you." Jean smiled as soon as Moore thanked her. In order to make him feel better, she deliberately looked at her watch and changed the topic. She asked, "We have waited for Leo for quite long now. Do you think he will show up?"

She looked at the cafe door as she said that.

Moore smiled as he wanted to comfort Jean who was getting really anxious. "Something must have come up or maybe he's stuck in traffic. Let's just wait for a few more minutes!"

"Hmm," said Jean as she looked at Edna, who was talking to a foreigner. She sighed and thought, 'I don't care how long we wait. Moore, I am just afraid that you don't want to sit here to wait for Leo anymore after you saw that woman."

Leo showed up after a short while. He was out of breath when he reached. He gasped for air as if he had run all the way here and then explained apologetically, "Sorry, I am late! I was stuck in traffic."

When Jean and Moore heard that, they unconsciously smiled at each other.

"That's okay! Order your coffee," asked Jean as she smiled.

"Latte, please! Thank you!" Leo said to the waiter politely.

Jean smiled at Leo and said, "So sorry that we asked you to meet us on such short notice. Sorry to disturb you from your work."

"It's okay. Please don't say that!" Leo added, "I enjoy relatively great freedom to arrange my own time flexibly in embarking on a profession like mine. So please, don't worry about it! Besides, I have made it clear that I will not take any commission from you."

Leo seemed very serious.

Jean and Moore looked at each other in surprise.

"But you've tried so hard to help us out. You've found some of the most important clues for us. How can you not want a commission?" Jean asked as she was anxious.

"How about you treating me this cup of coffee, if that makes you happy?" Leo started laughing as soon as he said that.

"But..." Before Jean could say anything, Moore interrupted her and said, "Okay!

Leo's jacket. As soon as Moore put the cheque inside Leo's pocket, he posed to show victory to Jean.

When Jean saw that, she smiled and sighed in relief. What she was worried about had been handled smoothly.

After a while, Leo stood up and bid farewell to them.

Jean and Moore didn't persuade him to stay for some more time. After Leo left, they sighed in relief.

"I've never had this feeling while giving someone money," Jean said as she sighed.

"Now, I finally understand why wisdom is necessary to do everything," Moore said and heaved a sigh of relief too.

They both stood up, paid their bill and walked outside.

As they walked out of the cafe, Jean looked back to where Edna was sitting. Edna and the foreigner had left some time ago.

Jean was relieved. And, she felt that the situation was very funny.

It seemed that Moore's threats had finally worked, or else, judging from her personalities, Edna definitely wouldn't have left so silently if she had seen Moore.

Jean sighed with joy as she could now go shopping with Moore.

"Moore, it is still quite early. Let's go shopping!"

said Jean as she smiled.

"Okay. As you wish!" Moore nodded as soon as he saw Jean in high spirits. He didn't like to go shopping, but since Jean was very excited about it, he had no choice but to agree.

However, soon after, Moore regretted agreeing to Jean's request in such a hurry.

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