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   Chapter 540 You Are Not Welcome Here

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 5921

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"Okay, call him then!" said Jean as they walked over to the elevator of the Wanda Plaza.

Moore took his phone out and called Leo.

Jean was looking around until Moore hung up the phone. She then asked, "How did it go? When is he coming?"

Moore looked at Jean and said, "He's not coming!"

"Why?" Jean asked in surprise.

"Leo refused to take the money. He can't take the money because he thought what he did for us was something really small," replied Moore, and he sighed.

"What does he mean by that? Without the information that he gave us, we would have never guessed that it was Calvin behind the video incident. It was my fault that I didn't realize it until last minute. And then there was nothing that could be done with him," said Jean. Jean said whatever came to her mind which made her quite upset so she continued, "Anyway, I have to make it clear with him and pay for his efforts. Give me your phone!"

Moore passed over his phone to her. He was surprised when Jean said that in such an aggressive manner.

Moore had never seen Jean act this way. He felt strange.

But he knew that Jean just wanted to see Leo.

"How did it go?" Moore asked Jean after she finished the call.

"It's done! He is coming! Let's wait for him at the coffee shop," Jean replied proudly.

Moore instantly complimented her, "You did it! That's good!"

"Ha-ha! See! This is how good I am!" Jean said happily.

"Yes, you are great!" Moore complimented her again. "Will Leo think that we are insane? He probably thinks that we are out of our minds now by forcing him to take the money. But Leo is odd too. How can he not take any money for the work that he did for this case?"

Moore asked in confusion.

"Ha-ha-ha!" As Jean laughed, a lot of people look

ion took over his face.

Jean wanted to say something to make him laugh again but she stopped as soon as she noticed the expression on Moore's face. He looked at the door in surprise.

Jean looked where Moore was looking and immediately hid herself from whoever entered.

"Don't hide! She already saw you," said Moore as he sighed.

'Oh crap!'

Jean cursed in her mind. Her thoughts continued, 'Why did she come here?

Am I that unlucky today?'

"Hi Moore and Jean!"

said Edna as she took off her sunglasses and walked towards them. She asked, "Can I join you guys?"

Jean rolled her eyes. 'Why did you even bother to ask? You will sit whether we give you the permission to or not, ' thought Jean.

Jean looked at Moore and realized that Moore was not happy to see Edna. He looked at Edna and said coldly, "You can't! You are not welcome here!"

Jean was surprised when Moore rejected Edna.

She knew Moore didn't like Edna. She didn't like her too.

But she never expected him to reply so bluntly.

She gave him a thumbs up in her head.

"Young man, I am going to forgive your bad behaviour!" said Edna and looked at Moore as she sat next to Jean.

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