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   Chapter 539 Mother, I Have Come To See You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7870

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Hearing the slight exclamation that had involuntarily left Jean's mouth, Moore turned around.

He saw that she was standing and gazing solemnly and a bit too intensely at the gravestone which had a picture of his mother on it. He coughed lightly.

Jean blushed a little when she heard that and quickly retracted her look. Then, she stood solemnly in front of the gravestone.

The atmosphere was quiet in the cemetery and occasionally a few bird songs could be heard.

"Mother, I have come to see you," Moore whispered at the gravestone. "Please forgive me for not coming to see you for so many years. From now on, I'll come and visit you every year. I'll come and talk to you always on time."

"Hello, Moore's beloved mother. I'm a friend of Moore's, and my name's Jean," Jean introduced herself since she thought it would be polite and make Moore happy. "I came to see you for the first time today, and I am really nervous. I didn't expect you to be so beautiful. After seeing you, it is no wonder that I find to be the excellent personality that Moore is. You can rest assured that I will take good care of him for you and won't let anyone bully him as long as I live and breathe."

When Jean uttered the word anyone, there was a slightly higher tone in her voice and her teeth were clenched tightly.

Standing behind them, Gary understood that the 'anyone' in Jean's mouth was referring to him. His face changed a few expressions and he looked deeply at Jean, observing her.

Moore pulled Jean's sleeve and wished his mother, "Rest in peace, mother! I've let go of the past and I don't want to get involved with them anymore. No one can change my mind. You can rest assured that I will be fine."

He finished, bowing deeply to the gravestone.

Jean also bowed to the gravestone three times with Moore.

Then they stood upright and turned around to leave.

"You're leaving?" Jean was surprised to see him wanting to go away so soon.

"Yes. I'll come back and visit her again when I have time." Moore ignored Gary's existence and walked right past him.

Jean nodded in agreement as she clearly understood what having time meant. "Well, I'll accompany you whenever you do," she promised.

"Wait a minute..." Gary saw that they were really leaving and quickly stopped them.

But Moore and Jean went on as if they hadn't heard h

y his pretense," Moore snorted on the idea. "Let's just go back! Don't be influenced by unimportant people. I'm really in a bad mood today because of him."

Jean heard Moore say that, and she couldn't say anything more. She followed him down the hill and they drove all the way downtown.

As they passed the Wanda Plaza, Moore suddenly looked at Jean and broke his silence. "Jean, didn't you mean to go shopping today? I completely forgot!"

"Ah?" Jean did not respond for a while and looked at Moore in bewilderment.

"Go shopping! I will accompany you!" Moore finished and asked Toby to drive the car into the plaza parking lot. Then, without waiting for a confirmation, he opened the door and got off.

Jean looked at him in surprise. She couldn't understand his behavior.

Hadn't he just said that he was in a bad mood?

Did it mean that, like girls, when he was in a bad mood, he would be happy if he went shopping?

Jean felt as if she had discovered the truth.

Seeing that Moore was in the mood to go shopping with her, Jean was also in a good mood and smiled happily.

"Well, let's go shopping happily today!" Jean said as she took out the Centurion Card from her bag.

Seeing the Centurion Card, Jean suddenly thought of something. The smile on her face disappeared and she looked at Moore and said, "Moore, since the person behind the video incident is Calvin, we should settle the commission with Leo, too."

"Yeah, I almost forgot about it." Moore nodded as he heard her remarks. "We're out right now. How about asking him out now?"

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