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   Chapter 538 You Have To Put Up With It

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Moore couldn't relax even after Jean's praise. He frowned and looked at her in confusion.

Jean read Moore's mind and she knew that he was still worried about meeting Gary. To make him feel better, she pushed him towards the door and said, "Stop looking at me like that! You go to the graveyard for your mother which is none of Gary's business. Moore, if you keep hesitating like this then you are nothing like your mother."

"Of course, she gave birth to me so I am like her!" said Moore anxiously.

"The way you are acting is making me a little suspicious. I know that you are uncomfortable because you might run into Gary there. But I will be there with you, and I'll make sure that he doesn't get in your way when you're at your mother's grave, I promise!" said Jean firmly.

"Jean!" Moore replied as he sighed. And then added, "You know, I don't want you to get involved between me and him."

"I'm afraid that I can't stay out of it," said Jean as her eyes were fixed on Moore. "I'm your best friend! And Gary maybe knows about our relationship by now. If he really wants you to change your mind about him then he definitely will have to go through me or Zed. Don't you think so?"

added Jean. As Jean said that, Moore felt guilty and he said, "I think I should move out of your house!"

"Oh, come on!" exclaimed Jean as she got annoyed by what Moore said. She then added, "Will anything get better if you move out? Do you think that it will stop Gary from bothering me or Zed then? No Moore! Stop acting like a child!"

"I shouldn't have moved in at all," said Moore as he sighed.

"Well, if you hadn't moved in, then I would have never known you as a friend!" replied Jean excitedly. But as soon as she calmed herself down, she added, "All right! Just stop over-thinking."

She then opened the door of the car and signalled Moore to get in.

Moore had no other choice so he leaned in the car helplessly.

Jean was relieved to see Moore get in the car so she sighed.

'Honestly, I wasn't sure if Moore would've been successfully persuaded.

The decision to visit Moore's mother's grave today is a little hasty.

Fortunately, he did not disregard my advice, ' thought Jean.


disappointed to see Gary.

She looked at Moore worriedly, trying to confirm if he was okay.

Moore saw Jean gazing at him so he looked at her and shook his head slightly.

Jean was moved. She hadn't expected him to comfort her in such a way when he himself was going through a lot.

The two of them finally arrived at the same gravestone from the front side. They had decided that they would not greet to Gary.

Gary shifted in his place and knew that someone was behind him. He turned around slightly and found Moore and Jean behind him. He was surprised and so he said, "I didn't expect you to come!" Gary fixed his gaze on Moore. Although he was surprised, he still remained calm.

'Well, Gary, you are quite aware that Moore doesn't want to meet you, '

thought Jean.

'Why didn't you leave early when you knew that Moore will not come to his mother's grave just because he doesn't want to run into you? Why do you even bother to stand here?' asked Jean in her mind. She still remained calm because it was Moore and Gary's business.

"I've come to worship my mother," replied Moore. He walked towards the grave and placed the flowers on it.

Jean quickly followed Moore and put the flowers in neat way. Then she looked up to see the picture on the gravestone.

She was surprised to see how beautiful Moore's mother was.

'Wow, Moore's mother was such a beauty!

She was gorgeous beyond measure!

No wonder why Gary liked her!' thought Jean.

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