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   Chapter 537 The Anniversary Of Your Mother’s Death

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7006

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Zed's analysis was very reasonable. She had never expected that Edna would cause even more troubles for her despite the fact that she had made the video incident clear. And Edna was even more powerful than Calvin.

'My life seems to be replete with instances and situations of danger, '

Jean thought sorrowfully as she reached home and took a look around the living room.

'When did I start being so afraid of staying alone somewhere?' She asked herself, 'It seems that I have become particularly fond of the company of a lot of people ever since I have become pregnant.

Now, with Zed's parents gone and with him going to work everyday real soon, I will be all alone and only

Moore will be here to accompany me, and he will not stay here all the time and will have to leave at some point.'

Jean sat on the sofa, seeming lonely.

After he had changed clothes, Zed walked downstairs and when he saw Jean's facial expression, it was immediately clear to him that something was wrong and he understood what was going in her mind. He quickly walked over to her and comforted her, "Jean, don't be so upset. Next month, I will take you back to the Imperial Capital to visit my parents."

"Okay. Are you going to work now?" Seeing that Zed was dressed up in a suit, Jean asked.

"Yes. Moore will stay at home and accompany you. If you feel bored, you can go shopping…"

Zed smiled.

"Aren't you afraid that Moore and I will encounter someone from the Bai family if we go out?" Jean immediately asked in amazement.

"We met Hanley yesterday. I think he and Moore have come to some sort of understanding and he won't bother you any more. As for Edna, we have just met her. I already told you that she is going to be very busy these days,"

Zed explained.

"Zed, is Hanley really so useless that Edna has to help him deal with the troubles he causes?" Jean asked curiously.

"I don't know Hanley very well. But everybody from H City knows clearly that he is addicted to gambling. And what's interesting is that he is really bad at it even after his addiction, which is why he do

ant to meet him! You know clearly how important this day is. Besides, he won't stay there the entirety of the day. Take your belongings, and we will go over there quickly. Together!"

Jean gave him a push to urge him into action.

There was a helpless expression on Moore's face. He wanted to refuse Jean's advice, but seeing that she was helping him select his clothes, he could only close his mouth and smile bitterly in his heart.

"I think this suit looks good. Black represents solemnity and mourning." Jean quickly picked out a black suit and handed it to Moore.

Moore reached for it and smiled helplessly. "Jean, I don't want to meet him…"

"Who said that we are going to meet him? We're going there to visit your mother's grave." Jean pushed Moore into the locker room. "Quickly change! Don't be indecisive."

Hearing Jean's words, Moore smiled bitterly and entered the locker room and changed his clothes.

After a while, Moore finished changing his clothes and walked out hesitatingly.

Jean's eyes suddenly brightened.

After Moore's discharge from the hospital, he had now recovered quite well

and wasn't as thin as he had been some time ago.

The black suit made his skin look fairer and made him more handsome.

Jean could not help whistling and naughtily told him, "Moore, if you walk in the street now, all the girls' attentions will be attracted by you."

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