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   Chapter 536 After All, We Are Friends

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10986

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Edna strode graciously inside with her casual and yet still stunning clothing, looking very gorgeous and charming. She caught everyone's eye. Everyone was displeased to see her, but she ignored their frowns and turned indifferent. Instead, she gave them all a smile and said, "I came here to see you off. How can I miss this? After all, we are friends."

Jade was enraged at Edna's presence and scoffed at the feathers on her cap. As Edna finally reached them, Jade rebuked furiously, "Friends? Who are your friends here? Please, Edna. Save yourself the trouble of humiliation and leave right away. No one here wants to see you."

Edna sneered and rolled her eyes at Jade. An exaggerated facial expression showed on her face before she jeered at Jade and said, "Oh, Jade. You are still easily frustrated. You have never changed at all. No wonder you have so many wrinkles creeping onto your face. Women will get old very fast if they are easily annoyed. Don't you know that? I mean, look at yourself. In others' eyes, you will definitely be mistaken as my elder sister if we stand beside each other."

While Edna kept her sneer at Jade, standing beside them was Sean, who couldn't keep silent any longer. "Edna, can you hold your tongue? You always want to displease everyone. Aren't you satisfied yet?"

"Oh, Sean..." Edna called him intimately and gave him a sweet smile before talking, "I don't want to make the atmosphere awkward and embarrassing, but Jade..."

"Oh, Sean," Jade interrupted, mocking Edna by repeating how she called Sean. Keeping her glare at Edna, she paused for a while and snorted coldly before she continued, "How audacious of you to call my husband flirtatiously. You are just a shameless bitch! Now, get out. Get out of here immediately, or else I will..."

As soon as she finished, Jade was driven by her anger that she raised her hand in an attempt to slap Edna on the face.

However, before her hand made contact with Edna's left cheek, Zed hurriedly went over and grabbed her hand mid-air. "Mother!"

Edna, whose eyes closed expecting a hit, and opened her eyes, wondering why her cheek wasn't slapped. As she saw how Zed held Jade's hand, she smirked, making Jade more furious at Zed for stopping her. Jade removed her hand away from Zed's grasp in frustration and humiliation before giving Zed a fierce stare. "What are you doing? Are you trying to get on my nerves as well?"

Zed slightly shook his head and winked at Jade, hoping she would understand.

Jade didn't take a second before her eyes widened, immediately understanding what Zed's wink meant. She suddenly felt a cold sweat on her forehead.

She realized that since Edna was now Gary Bai's wife, she then enjoyed noble status and could work things out with infinite means.

Moreover, Jade had been trying to drive Edna away, and for sure, if the staff of the airport management were bothered by their strife, they would definitely force Jade to leave instead, for the sake of Edna's distinguished status.

Then again, if she fought with Edna today, others would have something on her.

It would be impossible to explain what really started it especially that Jade was about to do the first hit, and it would be something for an outsider.

It was really insensitive of Ja

is gaze on her. "I know for a fact that for the time being, she will not be able to lay her hands on me."

"Why?" Jean's eyebrows creased in confusion, not totally understanding what Zed meant.

"Edna and Gary have just come back from the Imperial Capital. Hanley has left an awful mess. It should take her quite a long time to clear that up. To be honest, I don't think she came to the airport today to cause my parents troubles and embarrass them. Perhaps she did come here to see my parents off."

"Then, if that's how you feel, why did you stop your mother?" Jean's eyebrows furrowed more deeply.

Zed shrugged. "Well, it is better to save troubles," he replied with a heavy sigh. "Anyway, now we can't offend her so rashly as we wish, since her identity is distinguished. My mother has held some grudges against her for quite a long period of time. Edna wasn't even bothered at all even if my mother said something unpleasant, but I am not sure if she would be enraged provided that my mother went overboard. Hence, we'd better be careful."

Jean approvingly nodded as soon as she heard what Zed had said, biting her lower lip in thought and worry.

"Judging from her temper and intelligence, I still feel that she won't make a scene in public in fear of being ridiculed. I really can't figure out what kind of person she is and what goes on inside her mind. Then again, she is hostile to us, and she is Moore's stepmother. So, you should be careful too when you meet her in the future,"

Zed exhorted Jean, as he worried about her safety more than his.

Jean nodded at Zed, giving him a reassuring smile. Then he added, "She seems to express her kindness to us, but she might have hidden intents." Jean agreed with Zed and replied, "Take it easy, Zed. I will keep a good distance from her as far as possible. I will definitely not dare confront with her face to face."

"Good." Zed didn't feel relieved a while back until Jean promised him. Then, he tousled her hair playfully and then smilingly sent her back home.

Deep inside, Jean couldn't help sighing when she looked up at Zed's handsome face sideways, still feeling anxious and worried about Edna's presence.

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