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   Chapter 535 Why Are You Here

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8896

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"I know you are a smart woman and you can always see through me," said Zed as he sighed involuntarily.

"Stop dodging my question. Answer it now!" Jade interrupted Zed and snorted coldly.

"Okay. Let me tell you what happened yesterday," Zed sighed as he gave up. He knew that Jade would find out the truth sooner or later, so it was best if he just told her now.

Jade frowned as Zed told her the entire truth from yesterday. When he told her about the incident involving Calvin and the dagger, she got really worried.

"How is your hand now? Is it serious? Did you go to the hospital?" asked Jade as she hurriedly grabbed Zed's hand.

"Mother, don't worry about me! It's just a small scratch. I'm fine!" said Zed as he wanted to comfort her. But Jade got even more worried.

"It's just a small scratch? Look at your hand! Calvin wanted to kill you and he would have shown no mercy. The cut must be really deep!" cried Jade as she stared at Zed's hand.

"Mother, trust me!. Compared to what I had gone through before, this is nothing!" Zed didn't want to worry Jade, so he comforted her.

"How did you even mention that? Your father and I had never interfered when it comes to your personal affairs before. We always thought it was best to turn a blind eye to your unruly behaviors. We understand that a young man like you wouldn't like any restrictions on you. But Zed, listen to me carefully! Now you are married to Jean, and you will soon have a baby. You have to think about your family before you act so recklessly. If you still don't value your life, then you are not our son anymore! I'll even ask Jean to divorce you, and I won't allow your unborn child to call you father in the future!"

Jade warned Zed as she looked at him.

"Come on, mother! You can't be serious!" Zed smiled bitterly as he heard what Jade said. He had never expected his mother to threaten him with his unborn child. He promised her, "You can relax. I will never go back to do what I used to do in the past. I'll be safer! And as you know, I'm quite busy with my company business now. I'm just a businessman now!"

"That's good! You cannot go back even if you want to. I don't think Jean will let you go back either." Jade looked at Zed as she was quite confident that Jean would support her at all times.

Zed smiled bitterly and said, "Mother, don't say anything to Jean! She doesn't know about my past."

"What did you tell her?" asked Jade as she looked at Zed in confusion. "You both haven't talked about this, right?"

"Yes, that's true. I haven't told Jean about it yet. She has her doubts about my identity. I had wanted to tell her everything but s

all you often. Let's keep in touch! You must take care of yourself too."

"Good girl!" Jade was moved by Jean's words. She reached out to touch Jean's arm gently. "Honestly, I didn't think you were good enough to marry Zed at first. But now I totally do! You will understand what I'm saying once you become a mother. A mother always wants the best for her child. Zed is a good man! He is excellent.

But after getting along with you during these couple of days, my view has completely changed. You are an amazing daughter-in-law. No matter who your family is, you are kind. You treated me and Sean really well. I do have to say that you and Zed are a perfect match! I am not good at expressing myself but as your mother-in-law, I hope that you always stay happy with Zed and give birth to the baby."

"Mother, it's time now!. You have to go on board now. Jean and I will always keep that in mind!" interrupted Zed as he walked into the VIP room and saw them talking to each other.

"Well, now I know why it doesn't matter whether you have a son or a daughter. Sons will never appreciate their parents' sacrifices at all. Instead, they will only say that we are worried about small things,"

complained Jade as she held Jean's hand.

"Mother!" Zed protested as he heard Jade's words. "Do you think it's good to complain about your son to your daughter-in-law?"

Jean started laughing as she heard their conversation. 'You are so cute!' she thought.

"It seems that I came at the right time! What are you talking about? It seems interesting!"

They heard a sweet voice all of a sudden. All four of them turned around to look at someone in astonishment.

"Why are you here?" Jade asked as she looked at the woman. The light mood in the room instantly faded.

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