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   Chapter 534 Give Up Everything Of The Bai Family

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At that moment, Jean had mixed feelings in her heart. She was about to say something to Zed but stopped. She even failed to respond when she heard the conversation between Moore and Hanley. Jean was sorry for not helping. Meanwhile, Zed stared at Jean and remained silent as well. Things were going smoothly as Hanley had promised to fix the problem as soon as he could.

Although Hanley agreed to help about the problem, it was at the cost of Moore giving up everything as one of the successors of the Bai family.

Jean felt guilty and she hurried after him in order to say something. But she ended up staying silent as she did not know what to say.

After a little while, the three of them went into the elevator. There was an awkward silence as they stood in the elevator.

"Moore, I'm sorry!" said Jean as she finally broke the silence. She then added, "I didn't know Hanley was so cunning!"

"Zed, Jean, as you both know, I don't want to go back to the Bai family at all," replied Moore as he looked at Zed and Jean. He then added slowly, "So, you don't have to feel sorry for me. If I can get rid of the Bai family and solve Calvin's problem at the same time, then that would be the best thing ever. I'll be happy do that."

Jean felt even more guilty as she heard Moore's words. She was about to say something but Moore interrupted her once again, "If you two think of me as your friend, stop talking about this anymore." Moore knew what Jean was about to say so he interrupted her in order to make her feel better. He then smiled at her.

"Moore, I owe you because of what happened today," said Zed firmly.

"Come on, Zed! You've got to be kidding me?" replied Moore helplessly. He then added, "I know Hanley got involved in this matter because of me. So you both stop apologizing about this, all right? Otherwise, should I have to take my living expenses into account while I live with you both?"

Zed laughed at Moore's words and said, "Fine, let's stop now. No one is allowed to mention that again."

Jean hesitated even after Moore had tried his best to explain everything to them. But after she heard what Zed said, she sighed helplessly.

It was lunchtime when they got home.

As they sat at the table, even the delicious food couldn't get anything off of their mind.

What happened last night was just like a spy movie that nobody had ever expected.

How shocking and dangerous!

Last night, all the misunderstandings were finally cleared up, and everyone came to realize how to solve the problem, but th

ked towards the door.

"Mother, wait! Didn't you say that I was not good to you? Can I take a walk with you instead? And Jean can rest upstairs?" asked Zed hurriedly.

Jean was confused as she heard Zed's words so she looked at him. She realized what Zed meant as soon as he winked at her.

Jade looked at Zed and Jean surprisingly. She then nodded and replied, "Well then! Zed, why don't you come and take a walk with me in the garden?"

Zed quickly walked over to Jean and said, "Go and get some sleep! You must be tired because of last night."

"Alright!" replied Jean and nodded. After she greeted Sean and Jade, Jean went upstairs.

"Now what? What is it that you want to say now that your wife has left?" Jade asked Zed as she stared at him playfully.

"Mother, don't you want to ask me something instead? All right, you can ask me anything in the future when the time comes. Don't you think it would be great if you could ask me anything in the future instead of asking Jean?"

asked Zed as he walked towards the garden.

"Well, I was afraid that you might not tell me even if I ask you. My naughty son! Now that I've finally seen you, you love your wife a lot. Don't you? I don't know if I should be happy after hearing that," said Jade and sighed.

"Well, mother, you should obviously be happy," replied Zed as he smiled. He then added, "I love Jean just like how father loves you. This actually makes our family full of love. Doesn't it?"

"You glib kid. Now, tell me honestly, where did you guys go yesterday? Why did you all look pale when you came back? What happened?" asked Jade seriously. This time, she said those words decently and not in an amusing way.

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