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   Chapter 532 Who Revealed The Secret

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8578

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"I heard Moore apologizing to you just now. It had to do something with the Bai family. Am I right?" Zed asked after mulling this over.

"Yes! You are right." Jean stared at Zed admirably and said, "Zed, you are so smart. How did you know it was about that? You were right on the money just now!"

Jean's compliments flattered Zed who unknowingly started to smile to himself. He lovingly tousled her silky hair, and said, "It is not because I am smart. You sold yourselves out. It was written all over your face. No one else but someone from the Bai family can anger you like this."

"I can't believe I have brought so many troubles on your heads," Moore said shaking his head.

"What are you talking about?" Zed asked a bit annoyed. His eyes were fixed on Moore's face as he continued, "Moore, I hope you won't make me and Jean sad by saying such things ever again."

"Yes, Moore. Why do you always look remorseful? Hanley came to find you, not because you asked him. So it's hardly your fault. Plus, we have done nothing for you. You don't have to always say sorry. Well, I nearly forgot. How did he know that you are here?"

Jean asked Moore with her curiosity piqued.

"The resort village at the foot of the mountain belongs to the Bai family." Moore looked awkward as he rubbed his palms and said, "And so Hanley is fully aware of what happened last night."

"Is this why he came here? To get mocked? Jean asked in bewilderment.

"No, Edna asked him to come here to see me," Moore sighed heavily and said. "But all things considered, I am confused about the kind of person she really is..."

Zed and Jean exchanged serious looks.

The two of them knew what was exactly bothering Moore, although he hadn't clearly indicated who "she" was.

Just as Moore, both of them too, were puzzled about Edna asking her biological son to visit Moore.

Edna clearly knew that all of them detested Hanley, so a cordial meeting was certainly not on the radar.

But she had deliberately asked her son to do this. It was unimaginable to think that she would want Hanley to be insulted by others. Then, why did she create a situation like this? What did she aim to achieve?

Without a doubt, the insult couldn't be part of her plan.

Thus, they concluded that Hanley wasn't as terrifying as his mother, so they didn't have to fear him that much. Instead, they had to keep watch for this Edna, as they could hardly judge what kind of person she really was and what she was planning to do.

"Well, don't think too much. Let's pack up and start going bac

aving in haste, he felt immense gratitude for the two.

Moore felt touched. He knew that Zed had asked him to stay, but Zed himself had gone to find Hanley with Jean instead, so that Moore didn't have to face Hanley again.

In fact, Moore was still very puzzled as well.

The video incident plotted by Calvin had hurt both Zed and Jean a lot.

Last night, Calvin physically assaulted Zed and tried to kill him. In a way, Calvin was doubly guilty.

In spite of it all, Zed didn't want to do anything to punish Calvin. Now he was trying to find Hanley to prevent the situation from worsening.

Zed and Jean shone like an ideal couple in Moore's mind.

The two of them were kind and open-minded.

It had been said that Zed was coldly indifferent, ruthless and resolute. Judging from the current situation, Moore thought that this was hardly true.

After sighing at this thought, Moore began to go and pack his luggage.

Zed was walking briskly with Jean hand in hand. He didn't know whether Hanley was still at the spot where Jean and Moore had met him earlier, or not. He still wanted to try his luck, although he felt it to be slim.

How could Hanley be still there when they got there?

Both were already feeling dejected as they knew this was the case at the back of their minds. But neither their pace nor their pursuit for Hanley slackened even for a minute.

Zed was staring at Jean as they ran. Seeing her face getting ruddy, Zed was filled with guilt all of a sudden and said, "Jean, let's stop running."

"Why? We must find Hanley as early as possible, or else we don't know what shape this whole thing will take." Jean stood for a second, looking at Zed with questioning eyes.

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