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   Chapter 530 Why Are You So Unfair

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Moore knew it was useless to speak to Jean so he wanted to convince Zed instead. This way Zed could then talk to Jean and settle the matter.

To Moore's surprise, Zed didn't agree.

So it was quite obvious that Jean wouldn't agree either.

"You know it too. Jean would never agree to let you move out of our house this way. So don't think about it anymore. Take it easy and just keep staying with us for some more time!" Zed patted on Moore's shoulder and continued, "I know my parents' presence makes you feel uneasy. Edna is messing things up too so I get why you don't want to stay here any longer and trouble us.

But what you don't know is that I feel at ease when you are with Jean. I don't know why, but I trust you the most! So Moore, please don't ever fail my trust. Okay?"

"Okay, I'll do my best!" Moore nodded at Zed as he looked serious.

As Zed saw that, he felt relieved and smiled with satisfaction.

Some people look trustworthy since you first see them. That was how Moore looked when Zed first saw him.

Jean was Zed's top priority in life.

It was not a choice to leave his job and stay with Jean to protect her. Having someone like Moore at home to keep her safe was the best thing that Zed could come up with.

Jean was pregnant and it was important for her to stay happy.

And Zed knew that Jean valued Moore the most as a friend.

Zed and Moore smiled because they knew both of them were thinking the same thing.

Maranda eventually got bored flirting with Ron, so she checked the time on her phone. Jean was still sleeping in the tent. She then walked over to Zed and asked, "Zed, are you guys hungry? I am going to get food!"

"We should have some leftover from yesterday. Go and find the food and I'll make the fire," said Zed and nodded.

'Jean will definitely be hungry when she wakes up, ' Zed thought.


her feet out of embarrassment. She then stared at Jean and said, "Jean, I want to be your child's sworn mother! It is decided either you agree or not."

After Maranda announced that, she stared at Jean.

Jean felt uneasy as Maranda watched her. She said, "Maranda, I am sorry! We already have a sworn father for our baby. So if we let you be the sworn mother, that would be quite inappropriate. Don't you think so?"

"What? The baby already has a sworn father? Who is it?" Maranda asked in surprise.

"Me!" Moore knew it was time to step forward and let her know.

"You?" Maranda turned around to look at Moore and she was shocked. "How could you go ahead of me and be the baby's sworn father? Moore, you are so cunning!"

Moore smiled bitterly. In fact, he hadn't thought of being the sworn father of Jean's baby before.

"Maranda, you can't blame Moore! I asked him to be the sworn father of my child," Jean stepped forward to explain.

"Huh, Jean? Why are you so unfair?" As Maranda saw Jean taking Moore's side, she was offended. "When you got pregnant, you didn't even care to tell me and when it came to being the sworn father or sworn mother of your child, you didn't think of me!"

said Maranda as her eyes turned red.

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