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   Chapter 528 Are You Threatening Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6896

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"But Calvin is not your rival. He only made a fool of himself trying to avenge you, a strong and smart man. So Zed, please just let him go!" Ron pleaded gravely.

As Jean saw that, she felt that Ron was doubting Zed and she had to say something.

Jean cleared her throat, smiled at Ron and said, "Ron, as you heard, Zed asked Calvin to take him to Christina's grave so that he can ask for her forgiveness there. This means that he forgave Calvin."

"But Zed will get Calvin punished by his grandfather, who is quite famous for his cruelty in Imperial Capital. I am sure that Calvin won't survive when his grandfather knows what he has done to Zed,"

Ron said worriedly.

"As you said, his grandfather won't let him live. But if that happens, no one will be able to accompany Zed to Christina's grave. Then, do you think Zed will allow that to happen?" Jean reminded Ron and smiled.

Ron suddenly realized what Jean was implying, so he stared at her excitedly.

Jean nodded to Ron and smiled again.

She sighed and realized that Calvin had made some sincere friends like Ron over the past years.

Jean saw Ron plead for Calvin's life and she concluded that their friendship was very sincere and strong.

Ron shifted his gaze to Zed excitedly. He was very happy because Zed didn't retort as he heard Jean's words.

Suddenly, he took Maranda's hand and said to Zed, "I am assured since you won't allow that to happen. Well, it's quite late! I won't bother the two of you. Have a good rest first. See you tomorrow!"

As soon as Ron finished speaking, he took Maranda's hand and got into their tent before she could say anything.

Moore touched his nose, bid farewell to Zed and got back to his tent in order to rest.

The noisy atmosphere became silent instantly. Crystal white rays of light radiated from the moon.

"Aren't you tired? Do you want to rest?" Zed asked Jean after everyone left. He was worried if Jean was exhausted and wanted to rest.

"I am not tired!" Jean shook her head and sat on the ground. She looked at the starry sk

k immediately.

"No, you aren't a busybody! Moore, I know that you really care about Jean. But it is such a pity that she became my wife. And I don't allow any other man to keep an eye or spy on her,"

Zed said very seriously.

"Do you think I spy on Jean?" Moore laughed as soon as he heard Zed's words.

"I don't know!" Zed replied frankly, and then added, "Honestly, I know that you love Jean. But I am surprised why I was so generous to let you move into our house when I clearly knew you liked Jean. As you know, my mother was really worried about your relationship with Jean. She has been complaining to me about that from time to time."

"Don't get surprised by your generosity. I will never let Jean know that I really like her. It is only because I know that she loves you. But Zed, I will never turn a deaf ear if I discover that you are not loyal to her, or if she leaves you just because she no longer loves you. If that happens, I'll surely take Jean away from you,"

Moore said seriously.

"Are you threatening me?" Zed asked Moore and raised his eyebrows.

"No, I am just reminding you. There will never come a day like that if you treat Jean well," Moore replied clearly.

"Okay! I know what you mean!" Zed nodded as he heard Moore's words, and continued, "But it is better if you drop that idea, because a day like that will never come!"

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