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   Chapter 527 Let Him Go

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10052

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Zed unclenched his fist, causing the dagger to drop on the floor. His body relaxed and all the tension started to fade away. He then faced Jean and gave her a reassuring smile. "I'm fine, Jean. Really. Don't worry about it."

Jean looked at Zed's hand and to his face. She couldn't believe how Zed could still be smiling in this condition. "How can I not worry?" She almost cried as she saw his entire palm was dripping and covered with fresh blood. She hurriedly held him and said in haste, "Come on, Zed. Let me take you to the hospital."

Jean turned around as she held Zed's hand to lead him out but Zed kept his stance. Jean then turned to Zed with a questioning and worried look. Zed just looked at her and sighed helplessly. "I'm serious, Jean. Don't worry. Let's just wait for a couple of hours or until the sun rises. We can head to the hospital by then."

Jean frowned and crossed her arms. "No! We can't wait. The wound will get infected!" She insisted.

Zed felt helpless at Jean's obstinacy, so he shouted, "Laurence!"

A man quickly came running towards them with a medical box on his right hand.

Jean's eyes widened at this man's surprise appearance. Laurence Bai was a fair-skinned and handsome young man. He was as tall as Zed, but his attitude and respect for Zed made him slump lower than him. However, his professional look never faltered and politely answered to his boss's call. "You called, Mr. Zed..."

His words were interrupted as soon as he noticed the blood dripping on Zed's hand. After that, he didn't continue his sentence anymore and rushed towards Zed, sterilizing and wrapping the wound.

Laurence almost finished cleaning up the wound, but Jean was still taken aback by the situation at hand.

She remembered how Zed talked on the phone previously to make some arrangements. She couldn't understand exactly what those were for she really didn't want to pry and let Zed know that she didn't trust him to handle the matters.

Because of that, Jean expected that at least someone would show up and help Zed in confronting Calvin.

Then again, she found out earlier that Calvin was not Zed's rival. He couldn't seem to stoop on the same level as Zed, so the thought of Zed bringing some aid got lost from her thoughts.

'Who are these people around Zed that I am not aware about?

Why did Zed bring along a doctor?'

She thought, still surprised at Laurence's appearance.

Zed looked at Jean and sighed, noticing how worried her face still looked like. "The wound has been taken care of. You can stop worrying. Besides, we can trust Dr. Laurence. He is a professional and can surpass any doctor in the hospital," Zed said to comfort Jean. Laurence bowed in respect.

Jean's train of thoughts were interrupted. She realized that she was staring too long at Zed's injured hand, now wrapped in bandages. She gave Laurence a glance before facing Zed and sighing in relief.

Besides, now was not the right time to think about why Zed had so many talented

her rest in peace? This is what you want, isn't it?' Zed thought as he looked at Calvin's still confused face.

It took a moment for Calvin to reply. His confusion turned to anger before speaking again. "You don't have to, Zed. You have realized your mistake, but that doesn't mean I forgive you." Calvin's face furrowed into a frown.

Zed shook his head. "I don't need your forgiveness. I want hers." Before he continued, he sighed. "What is it that you don't understand? The fact that Christina killed herself has been torturing you for over ten years. Calvin, do you want to live with it for the rest of your life? Just let her rest in peace."

Calvin's eyebrows furrowed deeper. "I don't see any problem living in this way," he said in arrogance. He then faced anywhere else but Zed. "You don't have to pretend in front of me. I know I did something wrong, and I'd like to take the responsibility and receive my deserved punishment. You don't need to cover me up."

"Of course, I'll report this to your grandfather. It will be up to him to decide how to deal with you. For the meantime, Calvin, just wait for me in the Imperial Capital."

Zed was done speaking with him and didn't want to prolong their conversation let alone hear another word from Calvin, so he waved his hand.

Several men clad in black, who stood beside Calvin, carried him away.

On the other hand, Ron, who had watched Calvin being carried away, worriedly walked over to Zed and asked, "Zed, pardon me for not minding my own business but Calvin was young and ignorant. I hope that you could be lenient to him as you have grown up together. That being said, I also don't mean to take any sides."

Zed looked at Ron in disbelief. "Why should I let him go?" He gave out a cold chuckle. "You have seen it. If I was not prepared, I would have died tonight in his cold-blooded hands. Also, he hired the hitmen to kill me. You know it was a felon, and he deserves to go to hell! Mercy is not what he is getting from me."

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