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   Chapter 526 Zed Got Stabbed

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8258

Updated: 2019-03-12 10:02

"Yes. I sent Matthew to a foreign country, but not to help him shirk his responsibilities as you said. Instead, I took him there to be treated at one of the best psychiatric hospitals. 10 years have passed since Christina committed suicide, but Matthew is still in a poor state of mind. He still relies on daily medication to survive the trauma.

Calvin, you are so smart. You believed Christina, but you were reluctant to trust Matthew, weren't you? Anyway, Matthew is your cousin. He even almost drowned to death while saving your life. Apart from hatred, what else have you had in your heart for so many years? So far, don't you understand why your grandfather drove you out of the Imperial Capital?" asked Zed.

"What? Is Matthew in a psychiatric hospital?" Calvin was hardly expecting such a barrage of information to hit him together. Taken aback by all the news, it was Matthew's that hit him the most.

"Yes. All that had happened that year was entirely plotted by Christina. Unfortunately, you and Matthew were mere pawns in her revenge game."

A dead-serious Zed looked Calvin straight in the eye as he uttered out these uncomfortable facts loudly.

"I don't believe that... I don't believe that..."

Calvin grunted in dismay.

A wide-eyed Calvin continuously shook his head. Looking at him this appalled, Jean knew his faith had been badly shaken.

She couldn't help feeling sorry for the fate Calvin had met.

Calvin had trusted and loved Christina unconditionally. Who could believe that she cheated him before she died?

What in the world was Christina planning that year?

"What had happened in actuality was that Christina had come to confess her love for me, but I rejected her. Matthew was also with me that day. He was pained to see how Christina met with rejection, although he had known that she had liked me for quite some time. To lighten things up, he thought it would be a good idea for us to go out for drinks once Christina left. I knew that he loved Christina, so I went out ahead with the plan without saying anything.

We took a private room and started drinking quite seriously. An hour into our session, Christina suddenly showed up in our room and tried to seduce Matthew who had gotten himself drunk silly. At that time, Matthew had an inkling about Christina's intention behind her passionate embraces. He tried to push her away but Christina hugged him more fervently. I really couldn't bear to see her behaving that

he doctors concluded that Matthew has lost all sense and reason and can't be cured all his life, unless there is a miracle..."

Zed said sentimentally, with his gaze kept on Calvin.

"I don't believe it... Whatever you say... I don't believe it..."

Calvin shook his head repeatedly and stared into the distance. Then, a purpose could be seen in his eyes. Abruptly, he took out a dagger and swiftly stabbed Zed who was right in front of him.

"Zed......" Jean shrieked in surprise and grief as soon as she saw the blade of the dagger catching light.

Just a moment before, Zed had been very sentimental. He thought that Calvin would put his hatred aside even if he didn't believe what had been said. Zed hadn't even imagined Calvin attacking him in such a scenario.

Unknown fury welled up inside Zed when he saw Calvin take out the sharp dagger and was now aiming for his heart. Before Calvin could thrust into Zed's chest, a wrathful Zed seized the blade in his bare hands and made Calvin lose his balance instead.

"Damn it..."

Zed yanked the dagger from Calvin's grip. In a flash, he held it from the handle and gripped it tightly in his hand. In the tussle, Calvin too was flung far away. Ultimately, he fell on the floor like a ton of bricks.

Instantly, several men in black dashed out from the darkness and quickly encircled Calvin.

Zed had held the dagger too tightly and now blood was flowing from his injured hands as if it were water.

Jean saw the blood dripping on the floor and in a panic, rushed to Zed's side to ask,"Zed, are you ok? Let me stop the bleeding for you. Let's go to the hospital right away..."

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