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   Chapter 525 Get Out Of My Sight

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6168

Updated: 2019-03-12 09:40

Moore saw Jean running towards him and he relaxed immediately. He held Jean's hand and asked, "Jean, are you okay? Are you hurt?"

"I am alright!" Jean looked at Moore to make sure if he was okay. As soon as she confirmed he wasn't injured, she smiled.

"You don't have to worry about Zed. He will be okay," Moore whispered. "Even if Calvin calls ten people like him, they can't defeat Zed."

Jean was shocked to hear these words and she stared at Moore silently.

"Just trust me! You will realize this after a little while," promised Moore as he placed his hand on his heart.

Jean smiled as she heard what Moore said. Then she nodded slightly.

Zed kept his words and walked towards Calvin. Zed looked fearless.

Calvin was annoyed by the look on his face so he punched Zed fiercely.

Zed knew that Jean was safe now and he feared nothing else.

He dodged the punch swiftly and turned back immediately. His motion was so quick that before Calvin could react, he hit Calvin heavily on his back with his palms.

Calvin was shocked when his punch missed Zed, followed by a sharp pain in his back. He almost collapsed. He felt pain in every organ of his body.

He managed to stand up and turned around to look at Zed, who was watching him peacefully.

Calvin got annoyed by Zed's behaviour. He instructed his guys behind him, "Fight him! Whoever kills him, gets to take ten million dollars home."

As soon as Jean heard those words, she was terrified.

"Don't worry!" Moore calmed her down, yet he could feel his hands sweating. "You saw how Zed reacted when Calvin attacked him. Calvin is well trained, yet he couldn't beat Zed. So don't worry about those guys. Don't forget these guys were all defeated by Zed earlier too. None of them can beat Zed."

"But there are so many people who want to kill him. How can I not

't like a girl, I can just refuse her. Why would I ever ruin her life?" asked Zed as he watched Calvin closely.

"Matthew is your best friend. You knew Matthew loved Christina and so you wanted him to have her," Calvin said angrily.

"Mathew can have her? Was Christina an object? That I could've given her to anybody I had wanted to? You were one of my close friends back in the days. I liked you and Matthew. I knew you liked Christina. So why would I have given Christina to Matthew instead of you?"

Zed asked sarcastically as he stared at Calvin.

"I..." Calvin paused for a while and then shouted out again furiously, "I saw Christina's diary. I can recognise her handwriting. It was you who pushed her towards Matthew. And later she was insulted by Mathew which led her to kill herself."

Zed looked at Calvin and said, "I know whatever I say now will be meaningless to you and you will only believe what Christina showed you. You have no interest in finding out the truth."

"What rubbish truth are you talking about? It is something that you created to cover up your sin. If you are so sure about the truth then why did you send Matthew abroad after Christina killed herself?"

Calvin replied with a sneer.

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