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   Chapter 524 Crafty Calvin

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"Alright. That's a deal. Let my men go!" With a smirk at Zed, Calvin slightly loosened his grip on Jean's neck, though he didn't exactly let her go.

All of Zed's attention was on Jean's face at the moment. When he saw that she was now breathing, though jaggedly, and that her facial contortions were going away and features getting back to normal, he let out a sigh of relief.

As Maranda was looking at this part of Jean, the flare flamed up deep in her eyes, and she said, "Calvin, you are acting like a brutal breast. If you can't even treat a woman delicately and are hurting Jean so badly, then you don't deserve to have a crush on her."

"Yeah, whatever! I don't care what you've got to say!" Without taking Maranda's words seriously, Calvin stared at Zed and coldly ordered, "Let my men go right away!"

After a deep glance at Jean to confirm that she wasn't injured in any way, Zed lifted up his hand and waved, presumably in the air, though it was evident to his musclemen.

Immediately, a rustling sound came from the bushes far away into the darkness of the night. Soon after, several young men marched into the clearing.

Moore was walking in the front and when he saw that Calvin had his hands on Jean and she couldn't move at all, he involuntarily rushed forwards and anxiously yelled, "Jean..."

"Seems to me that another spoony is coming," Calvin remarked in a disrespectful tone as soon as he noticed just how concerned Moore was for Jean. Seeing the look on his face, he continued, "Jean, I never knew that you were such a popular young girl."

Jean turned a deaf ear to what he had said and, noticing that Moore wasn't hurt, she heaved a sigh of relief.

It would have weighed on her for her entire life had Moore been hurt that day due to what was going on.

But a beaming smile crept onto her face when she realized that Moore was right there to help Zed and recalled what he had instructed to someone on the phone.

"Calvin, do you want to know what I think of you in my heart? Do you want to know your place?"

Jean savagely asked, and there was a vicious expression on her face.

Ron said that Calvin had a crush on her just now, and after hearing such a thing, Jean wanted to confirm just how important she was for Calvin. It would have let her make sure that she would be okay.

"I don't want to know." The answer shouldn't have surprised her at all. She knew very well just how cunning Calvin was. Evidently, he had understood that Jean w

is men first before Zed yielded in place of Jean.

Zed couldn't beat seven or eight young men easily no matter how bold and dauntless he was.

Anyway, although Jean was certain that she had to have faith in Zed, in view of current situation, she found it really hard to be optimistic.

As he saw that Zed walking alone towards him step by step just as he had promised, a tinge of an evil smile ran across Calvin's face and he gave Jean a big push.

Jean had been absent-minded and lost in her thoughts. On being abruptly pushed by Calvin, she was caught off guard and nearly fell flat on her face.

Luckily, the quick-eyed and deft-handed Ron, who was standing right beside her, immediately grabbed her arms and hurriedly asked, "Jean, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Jean gratefully smiled to him and returned her gaze towards Zed with a worried look.

"I don't want to deal with you, but you are Zed's wife. Jean, just get away in a hurry before I change my mind,"

Calvin suddenly murmured near Jean's ears. The voice was so low and weak that only she could hear it.

Jean cast a deep, shocked look at him.

"Fuck. Don't you want to get away right now?" Calvin roared all of a sudden and her glare met Jean's gaze.

Immediately, Jean turned her eyes off him and at the same time, Zed walked up to Calvin.

After taking a deep breath and taking a look at Zed, Jean ran quickly towards Moore.

She had planned on not being caught by Calvin once again to threaten Zed. This would let her prevent anymore trouble from befalling on Zed.

Therefore, for the time being, she had no choice but to leave Zed no matter how reluctant she was.

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