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   Chapter 523 Zed Appeared

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8484

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"Ron!" Maranda didn't expect Ron to appear all of a sudden. She lay on the ground for a short while and then quickly shook her head and said, "I'm all right! Go and see if Jean is alright. She is being held by Calvin."

As soon as Ron heard Maranda's words, he looked at Calvin.

Ron was surprised when he saw Jean and Calvin. He shouted angrily at Calvin, "Calvin, what the hell are you doing?"

"What the hell am I doing? Are you blind? I went out for just a while. What's going on here? Why is this place so quiet? Where have they gone?"

Calvin shouted angrily and glared at Ron as he saw the men he had hired were all gone.

"Am I supposed to know that?" Ron replied rudely. "I was in the shower and when I came back, everyone was gone. I searched everywhere but didn't find anybody. So I wondered where you all went. I wanted to ask you the same thing too. Why did you ask me this? Why are the three of you here? And Calvin, tell me what the hell you are doing right now?"

"What am I doing?" Calvin sniffed as soon as he heard Ron's question. "Ron, my friend! Didn't you know what I had always wanted to do? Look! Zed's wife is in my custody right now. How will Zed feel when he sees this? How about I use her as bait? He loves her so much, so he will definitely listen to me and ask for my mercy. Do you like this idea?"

"Are you out of your mind?" Ron stared at Calvin surprisingly. He was shocked by Calvin's abnormal behavior. He continued, "Calvin, come on! We are friends, aren't we? What's wrong with you? What had Zed ever done to you? Did he offend you? Why are you saying this?"

"Yes, you are right! He has offended me quite a lot. Now let me tell you what he did wrong. First of all, I've waited for nearly ten years to avenge the death of Christina," Calvin shouted out coldly.

"What? Christina?" Ron was shocked at Calvin's words. He looked at him and asked, "Christina committed suicide, didn't she? Why are you mentioning her? Does her death have anything to do with Zed?"

"If Christina had not fallen in love with Zed, then she would have never been raped by Matthew. If she hadn't been raped by Matthew, she would have never committed suicide. It was all Zed's fault," Calvin shouted out angrily again.

"Wait, wait, wait! What do you mean by 'it's all Zed's fault'? He did not do anything wrong! I always knew that you loved Christina but I never imagined that you were thinking about taking revenge all the time. As a friend, I feel sorry for her death but Matthew was the one who should be

nt of Calvin, while he was totally unarmed. It seemed that he was not afraid of anything.

As Zed heard Jean's words, he shifted his gaze to her. He then said softly, "Jean, I'm here! It's all right, baby! You'll be all right."

'Zed, you fool! I'm not afraid at all. I'm worried about you!

Calvin played tricks to plot against you. You should leave now. Why did you come?

Zed, tell me why?

Why are you such a fool?' Jean thought helplessly.

"Very well, Zed! You are finally here!" Calvin knew that he was going to successfully take revenge for Christina's death when he saw no guards around Zed. He said mockingly, "I know Jean is your only weakness. This shows that I was right. As long as she is with me, you will surrender like a lamb. Where are my people? And where's Moore? Don't play any tricks, or you will have to kneel before me and beg for my forgiveness later."

Calvin grabbed Jean by her throat strongly as he finished his words.

Jean found it even more difficult to breathe. She bit her lips to endure the pain. She didn't want to scream because that would make Zed worry about her.

But Calvin knew what Jean was thinking about, so he used even more strength to strangle her.

Jean's face twisted in great agony. It turned bright red all of a sudden, as if the veins on her face were going to burst out. She felt suffocated as she could hardly breathe, so she struggled even more fiercely.

"First, let Jean go! I am your enemy and you should take revenge on me. She is innocent!" Zed felt sad when he saw Jean's face. He said hurriedly, "If you let Jean go, I'll release your people. I'll do whatever you want me to do without any objections. Deal?"

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