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   Chapter 522 Kill You All For Christina's Sake

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6959

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"Will you commit suicide without any hesitation when you know that someone loves you, although you are the most desperate and have lost your purpose in life?" Jean went on to ask Maranda as she stared at her.

Now Maranda understood what Jean meant.

She felt delightful all of a sudden, but she still pretended to be in confusion and said, "Although Christina loved someone else at that time, her relationship with Calvin must have been very close and intimate because the two of them grew up together. She would go and find Calvin when she really wanted to cry out, even though she wouldn't obviously fall in love with him just because she was moved by him."

"Definitely! She would trust him as long as she believed him. The tragedy might have never happened if Calvin had confessed his love for her earlier,"

Jean said as she sighed heavily.

"What do you know?" questioned Calvin angrily as he saw Jean and Maranda talking among themselves. "Don't even think for a second that I have no idea what you two are planning. This doesn't work with me. I will not let you get away with it! And I will never become soft-hearted and forgive you just for the sake of our previous friendship.

Jean, you are very clever. You are right! I never confessed to Christina about my love for her. The two of you want to make me feel guilty about her death, right? Actually, I have already gone through the process of guilt and remorse since she died. So you should put this idea out of your heads! I will kill all of you for the sake of Christina no matter what you say."

"Kill all of us? Calvin, won't you even spare Maranda? Don't forget that she is your best friend's girlfriend," said Jean as soon as she heard Calvin's threat.

"I intended to let her off the hook, but she insisted on following you here, so I have no other choice," Calvin replied coldly. "Since she knows everything, I will not let her get away with it so easily."

"You are so cruel!" said Jean loudly. "Ron is so kind to you. He has been keeping you company all these years. But look at you! Now you are

ous because of the silence, so he strangled her even harder.

Maranda felt extremely sorry for Jean when she saw her face.

She thought that everything that Jean had gone through today was because of her.

'Calvin would have never tortured Jean and tried to kill Zed if I had not invited them.

I will not watch Jean getting tortured. I have to do something.

It is all my fault!

It is all my fault!' thought Maranda as she felt guilty.

She noticed that Jean looked really pale under the moonlight. Maranda gritted her teeth and abruptly jumped on Calvin. She held him tight from his back and yelled, "Let go of Jean! Calvin, please let go of Jean! Zed is the man you are dealing with! Please don't hurt innocent people! Please!"

Before Maranda could finish her words, she choked with her own tears.

Calvin was frightened by Maranda's unexpected attack. Immediately, he rebuked, "Get your hands off me! I haven't done anything to you for the sake of Ron. Don't force me to."

"Please let Jean go! You can do anything to me. I don't care," yelled Maranda.

"Stop dreaming!" Calvin pushed Maranda brutally when he saw that she was being stubborn. Maranda fell hard on the floor again.

"Calvin, what are you doing?" Someone yelled furiously. Soon after, a figure ran towards them, supported Maranda and asked with concern, "Maranda, are you okay? Are you hurt?"

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