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   Chapter 521 You Are Just A Maniac

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7504

Updated: 2019-03-11 22:50

"Who is the guy that caused the death of the girl? Who on earth is so heartless and mean? He didn't even take the girl's love seriously. He was not wrong to refuse the girl's love, but why did he have to insult her that way?" Maranda said furiously.

"I know who the man he is talking about," Jean affirmed as she stared at Calvin, and then added, "But I don't believe he did that. Calvin, you must have misunderstood."

"You think I am accusing him for no reason?" Calvin sneered as soon as he heard Jean's questioning, and continued, "Now he is your husband. And that is the reason why you trust him blindly. However, Jean, you are a person with conscience. Do you think that Zed could set his mind at rest after he caused the death of an innocent person?"

"What? Zed?" Maranda was completely taken aback on hearing that.

"Yes, it's Zed. We grew up together when we were kids. The two of you can ask Zed if you want. You can confirm with him whether what I have said is the truth or not. But I can assure you that he won't admit his fault. His best friend Matthew Li, who tainted the girl named Christina Qin, was sent abroad by Zed, and he has been staying there since then, just to escape away from my revenge...."

"Christina Qin..." Jean mumbled, looking like she was thinking about something important.

Judging by his facial expressions, Jean concluded that what Calvin had said was true. There was sincerity in his eyes.

Yet she found it hard to digest the fact that Zed was capable of such cruelty. The idea that Zed rejected Christina and let her be insulted by Matthew appalled her.

'There must be some misunderstanding.

But since Calvin has read it all in Christina's diary, how can it be a lie? What on earth is the truth behind all this?' wondered Jean who looked gloomy and sad.

"Calvin, I know that you are telling the truth. But you must have made some mistake. Don't act on impulse. Let's go and ask Zed so that we can make everything clear. Okay?"

Jean comforted Calvin in a soft voice.

Deep down, she thought it wasn't too late and she still had time to redeem Calvin. She was worried that Calvin would make some rash decision.

"Go ask Zed? Jean, are you planning to deal with me in the same wa

with each other. I am very curious how Ron will think about you if he knows what you have done," Jean asked Calvin in a calm tone, staring at him with a firm gaze.

"I don't care how he will think about me. I am even willing to die as long as I can get revenge on Zed for Christina,"

Calvin said with a straight face.

"If Christina were alive and knew that you have lived a life full of hatred, I wonder how she would have felt. Do you think that she would feel at ease in another world? Calvin, did she know about your affection for her before her death? If no, would she know what you have done for her? Do you think that she would be happy about your condition?"

Jean said to Calvin, as she tried to persuade him.

"I don't need Christina to know what I have done for her. I am willing to do all these without expecting anything in return," Calvin replied furiously, as he lost temper listening to Jean's words.

"I feel that Christina died as a result of wrongful treatment," said Jean. A sympathetic smile suddenly ran across her face when Jean heard what Calvin had said.

"Wrongful treatment? What do you mean?" Maranda asked in confusion, as she didn't understand Jean's words.

"Maranda, now you know about Calvin's affection for Christina. But are you moved?" Jean asked Maranda while gazing at her.

"Sure." Maranda nodded at Jean without hesitating at all. Then, she added, "I will surely feel touched if someone who loves me so much always stays by my side."

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