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   Chapter 520 You Can Confess Now

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8316

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"I was bored in the tent, so I came out for a walk. And then I met you two here," replied Calvin with a smile on his face. Realizing Jean's silence at this moment, he added, "Jean, you really impress me with the big favor you have done for Maranda and Ron. You are quite a brave girl. And now I have come to see that you're so articulate. I will stop hiding things from you in the future because I'm afraid that you will cross-examine me and figure it out. Isn't it true?" As Calvin was speaking, a playful look came over his face.

"Well, I don't think I am as good as you think," said Jean with a vague smile. She looked up at Calvin and with a quick shift in her thought and continued, "Anyway, thanks for your appreciation. Now, tell me if you have hidden anything? Or have you done anything wrong? If you did, I am now giving you a chance to confess. Just say it and you'll be let off."

As she was speaking, Jean fixed her eyes on Calvin's facial expression. Instead of a smile, she had a serious look on her face.

All of a sudden, Calvin was shocked as he did not expect she would say those words. And he found himself a little bit ashamed under Jean's scrutiny. He did not know how to respond and he stood silently.

Seeing Jean's reaction, Maranda realized something must be wrong. Quickly, Maranda stepped forward to reply for Calvin, "Well, we're all friends and we all like to tell jokes. Alright, Jean, you can stop pressing him for details now. I mean, he does not even have a girlfriend. There is no one to care for his mistakes if he makes any."

"You're right. He does not have a girlfriend right now. But aren't we his friends? Shouldn't we care about his life?" asked Jean with her eyes still fixated on Calvin. And she added, "You will confess to us if you really think of us as your friends, won't you?"

Meanwhile, Calvin kept his eyes on Jean for quite a while and he struggled for a proper reply. Then his face lit up with a smile and he replied finally, "Sure."

With a confused look on her face, Maranda looked at Jean for a few seconds, and then looked back at Calvin. She had a hard time trying to understand what their conversation meant. Moreover, she felt something must be wrong with both of them.

Yet she did not know what exactly their problem was.

"All right, let's go back to the tents. We've been out for long enough. Hurry back or Zed will be worried," Maranda said hastily and was about to move. Seeing that their conversation seeme

Unexpectedly, she was mercilessly rejected.

Before the heartbreak, she used to be happy and cheerful. She was the happiest girl that the boy had known. Something must have hurt her so much or else she wouldn't have ended her life.

The boy found the girl's diary when he was clearing up her belongings. And he came to know the real reason why the girl chose to commit suicide. It turned out that the man who the girl loved deeply made his good friend cruelly trample on the girl after the man rejected her. His friend raped the girl! The poor girl committed suicide because of shame and anger…"

"Oh my god! How could that happen?" shouted Maranda suddenly, with shock written all over her face. She found it hard to believe such a thing. "I can't believe what the man had done! Even if he did not like the girl who loved him so much, he shouldn't have hurt her like this! Am I right, Jean?"

As she was speaking, Maranda shifted her gaze to Jean.

After Maranda's words, Jean silently looked up at Calvin and asked, "Are you sure that the diary belonged to the girl?"

"Yes, I can recognize the girl's handwriting," replied Calvin with a firm look on his face.

"Wait, Calvin, is this a true story? Are you the boy who secretly loved the girl?" Maranda asked at once, as if she had discovered something new.

"Yes, you're right. The boy who likes the girl is me," Calvin admitted with a nod, not wanting it to be a secret anymore.

Jean was slightly taken aback by Calvin's resolute answer. Although she had known what he was about to tell her, it still came as a shock.

There was a raw sadness in his eyes that started to hurt Jean.

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