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   Chapter 519 As Long As You're Happy

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8546

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At last, Ron and Maranda walked to a narrow corner, still murmuring to each other.

Meanwhile, Zed, Jean and Moore had gone back to their tents and were gazing at the starry sky peacefully as they calmly sipped their beverages.

A chilly breeze was blowing into the night atmosphere. It seemed that in the mountains, the temperature difference across day and night was considerable. It had been cool in the day, but they still felt quite chilly at night, although they were still young.

Jean found a coat in her bag and wrapped herself in it. On one side, Zed and Moore were busy in some discussion as they sipped their beer and in the other corner of the tent, Ron and Maranda were talking intimately to each other.

The atmosphere seemed lively and it had brought a beaming smile on Jean's face.

But very soon, her smile suddenly froze.

'How nice it would be if he wasn't the culprit behind the video incident!' she thought.

But there was nothing she could do after it had happened. There was no use crying over spilt potion.

Involuntarily, Jean stood up and, after greeting Zed and Moore, she walked towards a trail with a heavy heart.

Seeing her leave, Moore gave a sigh and told Zed, "Zed, Jean has finally found out who was responsible for the video incident."

"Really? What happened?" Zed asked anxiously. His face had turned grim the instant he had heard that Jean had found out who had planned all the video incident.

"In fact, I never told you this, but Jean also hired a PI to investigate the video incident. She did that when we were in the hospital. So far, the guy has come up with nothing but I don't know how much longer that's going to be true. Jean told me you said that the fiend behind the video incident was one of the people present today. Also, the PI told me that whoever the culprit was, he had been away from H city for a period and then came back a few days ago. Only then did I realize who that fiend was.

I was so stunned on finding it out that my tongue unconsciously slipped and I let out a few definitive clues to his identity, which Jean caught on. She knows now. It wasn't hard to guess really. I know only a handful of people in H City," Moore explained with a wry smile.

Zed fell silent when he heard Moore's words. His face betrayed a look which said that he was thinking about something deeply.

As soon as he noticed Zed's reaction, Moore added in a hurry, "It's all my fault, Zed. I am sorry. Jean wouldn't have found out his identity if it wasn't for me."

"I have originally planne

re lots of things in the world which aren't as simple as they look. Please don't question me closely about this thing. Okay? Just give me some personal space if you still treat me as your friend. You will naturally know when the right time comes."

Maranda nodded and replied as soon as she heard Jean's words, "Jean, I mean nothing else. I just really care about you and don't want you to be worried or sad. It wasn't very heartening to see you get lost so deep in thoughts. Don't worry. If you want to keep it a secret, I am not going to force you."

Maranda assured her hurriedly.

"Hmm. I am fine. Don't worry about me," Jean comforted her. "Besides, you're my only friend. So whenever I want to unload and pour my feelings onto someone, you're going to be the first and last."

Hearing her say such a sweet thing in a tone like that, Maranda involuntarily smiled and replied, "Sure, Jean, always."

The two of them fell silent and smiled at each other for understanding.

"What are you two talking about? You look a lot happier than usual," a voice suddenly cut in to interrupt them. As Jean heard the familiar voice, her smile immediately froze on her face.

Maranda involuntarily turned her eyes off Jean and shifted her gaze to the direction from which the voice had come. As soon as she saw the man, she asked in astonishment, "Calvin, why have you come here?"

She was more shocked about Jean getting all rigid on seeing Calvin, rather than about seeing Calvin there. It was almost Jean had morphed into someone else on seeing the guy.

Previously, Maranda had only suspected that Jean's eyes were fixed on Calvin. But now, she was certain that it had been him and him alone.

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