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   Chapter 518 Ex-girlfriend

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Maranda stood next to Jean, and looked straight at Ron with her tearful eyes. Her pain was noticeable on her face.

Ron looked overwhelmed by a complex set of feelings. Taking in a deep sigh, he didn't dare meet Maranda's gaze. Instead, he looked at Jean in astonishment and asked, "How do you know Kelly?"

"Don't ask me how I know her. Just tell me. Are you close to each other? From what I gather, you are not just friends, are you?" Jean noticed that Ron obviously saw Maranda come near but he dared not meet Maranda's gaze. Seeing his strange expression, Jean's anger fuelled up and her tone became sterner.

"Yes," Ron replied and nodded to Jean without any hesitation.

Immediately, a wave of gasps and sighs rode through the group.

Everyone present was looking at Ron in shock. They hadn't expected him to be a two-timer at all.

Although Maranda had had an inkling of this, she couldn't bear to accept this as the truth and involuntarily took a big step back, looking heartbroken. With her eyes fixed on Ron, she hoped that there would be some sort of remorse on his face.

But to her disappointment, Ron only cast a glance at her, and afterwards, he didn't look at her once.

Maranda closed her eyes tightly, hoping to make this painful reality go away.

At the sight of her deathly pale face, Moore winced. He felt tender-hearted so much that he comforted Maranda by saying, "Don't be sad. Jean will definitely help you figure out what Ron has been doing behind your back."

"Is it still necessary to ask that?" Maranda replied breathlessly.

Moore wanted to say more to comfort her, but he was clear that now his words wouldn't work on Maranda at all.

He chose to stay firmly silent lest something untoward happened to her.

"If you are not just friends, then please tell me what your actual relationship with Kelly is." Jean was shaking with anger as she continued to prod on Rod.

Ron replied to Jean without a second's pause. It seemed that Maranda's presence did not affect him at all. Jean noticed this and felt an impulse to lunge forward and start beating him black and blue.

"She is my ex-girlfriend." Finally, the truth was out in the open.


Then, your relationship is worse. It is more grey than I imagined, ' thought Jean.

Ron had been frankly meeting Jean's gaze but the revelation he unfolded had set all others present to exchange glances and murmur to each other. Most looked puzzled but were concerne


"You don't need to think of all this," Jean pursed her lips and said. "What you have to consider is how important on earth this relationship is to you. I think Ron will be forgivable if what he has said is true. It means that he really loves you as he says. But..."

Jean became a little hesitant and paused, peeking into Maranda's eyes.

"But what?" Maranda asked after taking a deep breath.

"But I feel that you better keep him company in the future when he goes to see his ex-girlfriend," Jean suggested.

"Why?" asked Maranda in great surprise.

Even Moore stared at Jean in bafflement.

A tinge of smile ran across Jean's face when she said, "Kelly will be a threat to you no matter whether she is seriously ill or an ex-girlfriend. You not only have to visit her together with Ron, but also need to look after her as much as him, so that she will feel embarrassed about the whole thing..."

"I've got it." Maranda suddenly understood what Jean had said, her eyes gleaming.

Jean smiled at this. It was not until that moment that she felt her heartbeat become normal and calm.

Maranda was finally relieved to have the doubt that had been plaguing her for the past so many days, get clarified in the open.

Jean really hoped that Maranda wouldn't get the short end of the stick in love.

But after today's confrontation and questioning, Jean concluded that Ron really loved Maranda.

If not, he wouldn't have confessed his love to Maranda in the presence of so many people.

'But how their problems should be solved and handled is not my business. It is what Maranda and Ron should consider, ' thought Jean.

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