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   Chapter 517 Do You Suspect Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8040

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"Maranda, you are so stupid and stubborn!" Jean got angry instantly. "It is as if you believe and trust nothing that I say. We are best friends and I also was really upset about your suspicion on me just now. But why on earth do you want to stay with Ron when he's cheating on you with another woman. Heck, you even want to marry him now? Why?"

"Because I love him!" Maranda cried exasperatedly, as her tears rolled down her face. "Jean, I love him so much that I can't let him go. Even if he does have another woman, I don't care as long as I can marry him. I just..."

"Don't act like such a loser!" Jean scolded her mid-sentence. "If it turns out to be true that he is cheating on you, are you willing to share him with that woman? Maranda, since when did you become so generous? What happened to the courage and fire you had when you confronted me? Where are those guts now? Huh? Don't be weakened by your emotions, Maranda,"

Jean's voice was getting sharper by the minute. "Listen to me. If you really suspect Ron, then go and find evidence of his betrayal. If what we suspect is true and he really does have another woman in his life, then break up with him instantly. An asshole like that doesn't deserve your love or care, and he certainly doesn't deserve to be your husband."

"But…Jean, I can't live without him," Maranda replied, her face contorted with agony. She was gazing intently at Jean and continued, "When I found out that he was having an affair with a woman, I was really hurt, and I planned on leaving him. But every time I make up my mind to ask him something, I get scared and can't speak. I love him so much and I simply can't stand the thought of losing him."

"It is not wrong to love somebody like that, but debasing yourself so much? Insulting yourself for the sake of a relationship? I don't think that's a very good idea. But Maranda, do you have any evidence that he is cheating on you?" Jean furrowed her brows and fixed her eyes on her friend.

"I went through his cell phone secretly. I saw that he's been calling someone named Kelly a lot these days. And every time she called him, he left me and went to see her, always finding an excuse," Maranda told her sorrowfully.

"Then this Kelly person is the source of all your problems," Jean declared as her expression instantly turned gloomy. She stared at Ron who was standing not far away and sighed, "But I


Ron and Calvin were standing in front of a barbecue grill toying with the food.

Ron saw Jean coming over. He smiled and asked, "Jean, do you like barbecued meat? I will grill some more for you. I can guarantee you that you will be satisfied today..."

"Ron, where did you learn the barbecue skill?" Jean interrupted him with a smile. Although her lips were curved, her eyes didn't seem to reflect the happiness.

"I am self-taught," Ron laughed immediately.

"Then what about chasing girls? Is that also a self-taught skill?" Jean pretended to ask casually.

Ron's hand twitched and he stopped grilling the meat. He threw a puzzled look towards Jean.

"I heard that you have close relations with a girl named Kelly. Is that true?" Jean fixed her eyes on Ron steadily and asked.

Ron's face was flashing a complicated expression and he was about to say something when he saw another figure appear behind Jean and he shut his mouth.

There was no need for Jean to turn around and see as she had already guessed that Moore had failed to stop Maranda from following her over.

However, she turned around anyway and to her surprise, it was Zed who was standing behind her and looking sharply at them confronting each other. Astonishment appeared on her face.

It was slowly replaced with happiness. Now that Zed was involved, it was even more impossible for Ron to lie.

Jean wanted to question Ron in the presence of so many people. That way, there was no where for him to escape.

With everyone staring at him now, he couldn't run, hide, or lie any more. He had been caught!

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