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   Chapter 516 I Suspect He Had An Affair

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6892

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Jean almost laughed out loud when she saw Moore's reaction to the skewers.

She knew Moore was being extra careful because he didn't want to put her in any danger.

That was to say he was risking his life to protect her.

Thinking of that, Jean sighed deeply. She looked away from Moore, and looked at the man who was barbecuing nearby.

With a screen of smoke covering his face, she could indistinctly see a rare smile on that man's face. He was chatting with his companion and turning the skewers to adjust to the crackling fire at the same time.

What a peaceful sight! But it stirred Jean into anxiety.

What kind of animosity was there between him and Zed that made him this way?

Did he deliberately approach her and take care of her?

Just because he wanted to take revenge on Zed?

Although she did not know him well, she always thought he was a decent gentleman.

Although he was somewhat indifferent, she thought he was genuinely kind to her.

However, Jean didn't realize that it was all an illusion until now.

She looked back and found Maranda was looking at her thoughtfully.

Jean was startled to see her being watched and hastened to hide any uneasiness.

"Jean, what were you thinking just now?" Maranda asked all curious.

Jean's heart sank at this. She was hoping Maranda hadn't seen her preoccupied. Anyhow, she promptly replied, "Nothing! I just saw everyone barbecuing and eating kebabs. It was the first time I have experienced camping and barbecues. I am really amazed how much fun this can be."

"But I can read something else on your face," Maranda said as she looked at Jean with a frown.

Jean feigned ignorance and forced a broad smile to say, "Maranda, you must have misread me."

"I thought I was wrong at first, but I've seen the same perplexity on your face several times. I can read sadness, contradiction, shock and disappointment on your face. Jean, what's wrong?"

Maranda's gaze sharpened as she spoke.

"Maranda, what do you want to say? What do you suspect?" Jean asked doubtfully.


Besides, Jean's sister Shirley was in trouble and her brother Winner was killed. Jean was already very upset. Do you think she could possibly have anything else on her mind? You really have misunderstood her, Maranda. Jean is your best friend. How could you doubt her like that?"

Moore looked at Jean apologetically as he finished his reproach.

After all, it was very impolite to divulge Wen family's affairs without Jean's consent.

Jean looked at Moore in surprise. After seeing him apologetic, she shook her head gently to show that she did not mind.

Taking in such amount of information, Maranda was overwhelmed with guilt. She fumbled for words and finally said, "Sorry, Jean. I shouldn't have doubted you. I've just had some ups and downs lately. I found out that Ron seemed to be having an affair..."

"What did you say?" Jean hadn't seen this coming at all. She looked at Maranda in shock.

Moore also looked at Maranda in surprise.

"It is true. I didn't lie to you," said Maranda with a pitiful look on her face. "I discovered Ron calling a woman several times behind my back and meeting her in secret. I followed them discreetly several times, but I lost them halfway each time. I'm really helpless, so I just saw that expression on your face and thought you were that woman..."

Maranda's eyes widened in regret, looking sincerely apologetic.

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