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   Chapter 515 You Must Be Careful

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9651

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But Moore couldn't directly tell his concern to Zed. He simply couldn't tell Zed that Jean already knew who was behind the video incident and now she was just pretending to be calm.

Jean was right. They could not talk about this issue here. There were just too many people around and the conspirator was among them. If he happened to know that they had already figured out the truth, it would only be more dangerous.

So Moore decided to do nothing but stand at a short distance from them to watch them barbecue. He was alert and ready to react in case of anything.

"Are you guys ready? It is going to be sundown soon. When the sun begins to set behind the mountain, the light of the red sun will streak the sky in thousands of shades. Plus, the clouds will get illuminated in gold and blazing red. It'll be a true spectacle. Let's stop whatever we're doing and watch the captivating sight!" Calvin said excitedly.

From the start, Calvin was nowhere to be seen. But all of a sudden, he appeared just now sporting a big smile and reminding everyone to enjoy the sunset.

Seeing Calvin trumpet the sunset like this, Jean and Zed looked at each other at the same time. Noticing that there was a crumb on Zed's mouth, Jean took a paper napkin and wiped it away. After throwing the napkin in the garbage, they looked at the horizon hand in hand.

The sky was filled a dazzling glow emitted by the red radiant ball of fire. A golden light fell on everything from the clouds hanging in the sky to the scenery all around them. Bit by bit, the shades of orange bled into deep blood red and then the sun set.

Mesmerized by the view, the sunset cast a deep impression in everyone's mind. All looked rapt at the spectacle, unwilling to blink their eyes even for a second.

This was the first time they had seen sunset so close. Holding their breaths as the sun went down, a sublime wonder filled their hearts.

The sunset lasted only for a short time. A blanket of clouds had spread out in the sky that was lit up by the sunset glow from behind.

The sun was so red, the clouds were so adorable and the whole scene was so magnificent!

None of them dared to move or hardly stir as they watched it stunned. Not even a single sound came from the crowd who had fallen under nature's spell.

They couldn't help praising the mystery of the nature!

They couldn't help praising the magic of the nature!

Those beautiful minutes had gotten deeply etched in everyone's minds.

When the last sunset glow faded into shades of twilight, the whole sky dimmed into a mysterious midnight blue.

Prepared for pitch darkness, many people took out strings of lights and hung them around on the trees to light up every corner of the camp.

Everything twinkled. The fairy lights winked with the cool breeze as the shimmering sky full of stars hung like a shining canopy. It all looked sur

ter and handed it to him. "How are you, Moore? Don't hurry. Take a drink of water first. "

Moore took several gulps of water, and then his breath became more even.

"Moore, you are so silly. Don't be too sensitive, okay? I'll be fine," Jean said as she shook her head at him and sighed. "Don't be hard on yourself. And don't eat too much if you feel uncomfortable. OK?"

"Jean, you'd better be careful. We don't know what tricks he will play," Moore stared at Jean and warned her in disapproval.

"I know how to protect myself. I'm not that stupid. So please relax. Besides, you are all here. I will be careful," Jean patted him on the shoulder to assure him.

"How can I relax?" Moore retorted with a slight hint of anger in his voice. "We are sure that he's going to make a move this time. So you can't be too careful. Don't make Zed worry for you. He shoulders a major task."

"OK. I know it." Jean couldn't help turning her head to look at Zed who was quite some distance away from them. He was standing in front of the charcoals, busy barbecuing. His clothes were soaked to the skin. Jean chewed on her lip and said, "It's so strange. This is the first time I find out that Zed likes barbecue."

"No, you are wrong. Actually, he doesn't like it, either. He simply doesn't want to see you getting tired, so he chose to make food for you," said Moore. Maranda returned to them with more skewers of meat in her hand.

Moore felt so awkward when he saw the barbecue that he said, "Well, Maranda. Thank you very much for your consideration. But actually I have already had enough. So you may take these skewers back, please."

"OK. But it's unnecessary to take them back. They have barbecued so many of them. I'll just put them here. And you can have some if you feel hungry," Maranda said to Moore with a smile.

There appeared a trace of embarrassment on Moore's face when he heard Maranda's words.

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