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   Chapter 512 It Was Just An Accident

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7110

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Maranda suddenly realized what had happened just now. Horrified by the prospect of what could have happened if Calvin hadn't been there, she raised his head and said to his back,"Calvin, I was being reckless. I'm sorry. And thank you for saving me."

Calvin heard her apology and thanks but he only paused for a moment before walking forward without a reply.

"Ignoring me like that? He's so cold!" Maranda murdered under her lips.

"I think you've frightened him." Seeing Calvin leave, Jean sighed. "I think he's going to tell that to Ron."

"It's my fault, you know." Maranda seemed exasperated by her own self. "I fell into the water while I was washing my face. Jean, am I an imbecile?"

"Of course not. You are just timid. You got scared and fell into the water when you heard him say that there were snakes and bugs around in the vicinity. You know what, you're not stupid, but everyone is definitely going to make fun of you when they hear about it. They will get something to talk about over the meal."

Jean teased Maranda. She was finding the whole affair unsuitably funny.

"Jean, even you are mocking me now? Really, I thought you were on my side." Maranda made a poor face at her.

"Oh, no, I won't dare make fun of you. But you better think about how you're planning to explain it to Ron later." Jean smiled and let go of Maranda's hand as she walked back to Zed quickly.

It was only then that Maranda realized that they had come back.

Everyone was busy doing something and Maranda felt even more guilty when she thought of how she had ran into so much trouble just while she was trying to simply wash her face.

"What happened?" Seeing that her clothes were wet, Zed put down the tent at once and almost ran towards Jean.

"Oh, it's nothing serious. It was Maranda. She fell into the water accidentally and wetted me too." Jean explained hurriedly with a smile on her face.

"Maranda fell into the water?" Upon hearing Jean's words, Zed's face became serious at once.

"Don't worry. It's nothing. It was just an accident like I said. I was by her side." Jean stopped mid-sentence as she s

d too.

"Ron, since you won't believe me, you can ask Jean," Maranda stopped before Jean and said with a bitter smile.

"What's wrong?" Jean's mouth was filled with an apple bite but she quickly swallowed and asked when she noticed the strenuous looks Ron was giving Maranda.

"Ron doesn't believe that I fell into the water by an accident. He insists that I got into it purposefully to have a swim," Maranda angrily replied.


It's such an embarrassing thing to fall into the water by accident. Was it necessary for Maranda to tell a lie?'

Jean couldn't believe that Ron was thinking that way.

She stared at him as she wanted to figure out what he was thinking about.

"I can prove that Maranda fell into the water by accident as she was frightened and lost her balance when she heard from Calvin that there might be snakes and bugs around,"

Jean explained with a serious face.


Before Jean could finish her words, Maranda stomped anxiously.

"What's the matter?" Jean asked with curiosity all over her face and looked at Maranda confused.

"Just prove my innocence. Why did you have to mention that I fell into the water because I heard there were snakes and bugs around and got frightened?" Maranda was a little angry as she asked.

Jean suddenly realized it and noticed her mistake.

She couldn't help but turn to Ron.

His face darkened as she had expected.

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