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   Chapter 511 Maybe, I Should Keep You Two Company

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7480

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Jean agreed to go to the pool with Maranda. But first, they had to ask Calvin for its exact location.

Once he told them how to find it, they turned to leave. But Calvin stopped them.

"Maybe, I should keep you two company."

Jean thought of refusing Calvin from self-inviting himself in simple clear words.

But once she saw that Calvin had courtesly taken the pains to show them the secret path and every detail of the way, she held her tongue.

The three of them started walking on a rough path that was covered by thick bushes on both sides.

Jean took care in getting a firm foothold as the path was quite rocky.

Soon, the exertion was showing on her face as she begun to sweat profusely.

"It's not far from here now. Come on." Calvin noticed their discomfort so he encouraged them to hurry.

"Okay." Jean was spurred on by Calvin's words. At last, it was close. If she had known the path would be so rough, she would have never made such a decision.

As Calvin had predicted, a small pool soon came in sight.

The water was clear, which made the two girls jump up with joy.

Seeing them wash their faces happily, Calvin felt all warm inside.

The look in his eyes turned more tender seeing an ecstatic Jean.

After washing her face, Jean suddenly remembered something and cried out,"The water we are going to drink tonight is from here?"

Both girls gasped at the thought that the whole party would be drinking dirty water they had washed in. Both stared at Calvin, waiting for an answer.

"Relax! We'll fetch the water from its source." Calvin smiled at them and added,"We've a lot of drinking water. We won't have this water for sure."

Hearing that, Jean sighed with relief. "Thank god," uttered Maranda.

But soon anger crept into her voice. "Then why didn't you say so before? I thought we are doomed to drink from here!"

"Do I look like a person who doesn't care for personal health?" Calvin shook his head and said,"Alright, if you are done here, let's head back. It's so hot. I'm afraid it's not so safe to stay on the embankment."

"Why is it not safe?" Maranda was curious by such an odd statement.

"The scenery from the mountain is great but there are a lot of snakes and bugs her

now. Let's go back and get your clothes changed lest you catch a cold," Calvin said standing beside them.

"Calvin, thank you. If it weren't you, I probably would have been..." A weeping Maranda thanked him.

"It's my fault. I shouldn't have frightened you like this," Calvin was feeling guilty about the fiasco that had happened. Somewhere, he felt partly responsible. "Let's go back now!"

"Sure." Maranda nodded her head and then slowly stood up with the help of Jean. She noticed that Jean's clothes too were wet after she cried in Jean's embrace. She couldn't help but feel sorry. "Sorry. I got your clothes wet as well."

"It's all right. I brought a pair for change," Jean replied as she didn't mind it at all.

"Maranda, Jean almost got herself into the water too when she was trying to save you," Calvin added.

"I didn't fall into the water after all. There's no need to mention that," Jean said in a hurry showing some discomfort in Calvin sharing this detail.

"I just want her to know that she'd better not be so silly next time." Calvin sighed and added,"Never mind. Things happen despite how hard I warn."

He walked ahead with frustration written all over his face.

"What's wrong with him?" Maranda was stunned as she turned to Jean and asked with curiosity in her voice.

"It was really dangerous. And he planned this tour after all. He is obliged to be responsible for every one of us. So you must have frightened him," Jean whispered to Maranda.

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