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   Chapter 510 Camping

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"I see. You don't need to remind me often." Jean exhaled deeply. "But is it proper that we walk in front of others without waiting for them? Aren't we being impolite?"

Even Moore was somewhere behind.

Only a handful of porters walked in front of Zed and Jean.

"It doesn't matter. The scenery before us is more pleasant. I will take you to a beautiful spot right now." Zed firmed his grip on Jean's wrists as he continued to walk forward with Jean on his back.

Jean leaned against Zed's sinewy back. Seeing Zed sweating, she dexterously took out paper towel from her handbag and wiped his forehead. Concerned for him, Jean added,"Zed, if you are tired, we can stop and rest. I can walk slowly now. I don't want you to be too tired…"

Jean's concern for him made Zed's tiredness vanish away. He smiled to himself at her sweetness.

'When I was trained in the army, I had to run to the top of the mountain with items three times the weight of Jean every day. And I couldn't rest for even a short while.

Jean is so thin and this mountain is not very high. This is a piece of cake for me.

But if I show my physical prowess in front of the others, both Jean and I will draw unnecessary attention.'

Zed feigned fatigue and nodded to Jean. "Well, let's take a break there."

She welcomed the respite on Zed's behalf as seeing him sweat like this had got her very anxious.

Since Zed carried her and Jean hadn't had to exert herself, Jean had mixed feelings about it.

'We are husband and wife. But will they feel that we are being indelicate by being this close in front of everyone?

Actually, I am really worried about the baby. I am afraid that the long walk will harm the baby.

Otherwise, I am definitely more energetic than Maranda.'

After a while, Zed put Jean down gently. They glanced at each other and then smiled.

"How do you feel? Are you fine?" Zed asked softly.

"I am fine." Jean smiled. "Zed, if I had known you would be so worried about me, I would not have agreed to the trek in the first place."

"Never mind. Maranda invited us to the resort vill

get started! We have wasted a lot of time on the way here. We have to hurry up."

"I can help you!" Hearing Ron's words, Zed walked over to him.

"So can I." Moore also walked over to Ron.

Seeing that Zed took the initiative to pitch a tent, several people also stood up from the ground.

The whole crowd spent their energies on either pitching a tent or preparing for the barbecue.

Feeling not so tired after a while, Maranda walked over to Jean and said,"Jean, I am feeling very uncomfortable because I am sweating heavily. Would you like to come to a pool on the top of the mountain that Calvin told me about? We could wash ourselves there."

"How did Calvin know it? Has he been here before?" Jean asked in amazement.

"Yes! If he hadn't found this place and spent his own money in repairing the road, he would not have invited us to climb the mountain." Maranda smiled.

"I thought that Calvin and Ron had returned for just a short period of time…" Jean was a little puzzled.

"Yes. But before he left the country, he has been living here. The trail leading to the top of the mountain was repaired ten years ago!" Maranda explained.

Jean nodded at this. She took out a towel from her handbag and said to Maranda,"Let's go! We should really clean ourselves. I am feeling really sticky with all the dried sweat, which is anyway not making me feel too good about myself. "

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