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   Chapter 508 It’s Not Him

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6130

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"Jean!" Maranda heard Jean's words and instantly said,"You said that on purpose, didn't you? You said all of that just to say this?"

"Yes, you are right! So what?" Jean said in a funny way as she looked at Maranda. She then hid behind Zed before Maranda realised anything.

"You!" Maranda didn't dare come near Jean because she had hidden behind Zed. She didn't want to provoke Zed so she stared at Jean sharply.

"All right!" said Zed. "We are going inside the mountain now. The path would be slippery. Be careful!"

he reminded.

"Okay!" Jean teased Maranda again and then held Zed's hand to walk along with him.

"Jean, why are you teasing Maranda?" said Moore,"I really admire your friendship. How are you both still friends when you tease her a lot?"

"I used to teasing her even before we become friends," replied Jean as she lifted the corner of her lips.

Ever since Jean found out that Maranda liked John, she had loved teasing Maranda and the way she blushed.

"That's strange," Moore said as he smiled at Jean.

Jean smiled back and started walking with Zed.

As they got in the mountain, the path became rough.

But it was not too difficult to climb the mountain since it had been repaired as it resided in the sightseeing area.

Zed was worried for Jean so he kept asking her whether she wanted water or if she was tired?

Jean noticed that he was nervous so she smiled and said,"Zed, don't underestimate me! I'm not delicate and I'm not that useless. Before I met you, I used to earn for myself. Even though I never did any labour work but I am really strong."

Maranda, who was walking in front of Jean, suddenly turned around and said angrily,"That's because your step-mother and Shirley treated you really bad. Shirley is a murderer, which means her life is over. Jean, the people who bull

oked in the direction where he was looking, she turned pale immediately.

"Zed?" Jean pulled Zed's sleeve with her hand and looked at him worriedly.

Zed sneered when he saw that the figure had walked away.

When he heard Jean call him, he turned towards her and asked,"What's wrong?"

"Were you..," Jean couldn't finish her words. She then looked at Zed worriedly.

Zed knew what she wanted to ask so he nodded.

Jean became pale instantly as she couldn't believe it at all.

She looked at Maranda and Ron. It was obvious that she was in pain, she murmured,"How is that even possible? How is that possible?"

Zed didn't want Jean to get upset so he decided to calm her down. But before he could do that, he remembered something and stared at Jean. Eventually, he smiled bitterly and said,"Jean, it's not him!"

However, it didn't matter if it was Ron.

Jean would be upset any way if she found out the truth.

"What did you just say?" Jean was stunned for a second and then asked in confusion.

"It's not him!" Zed replied in a way that showed that he was absolutely certain.

Zed didn't want Jean to get upset or disappointed so he decided it was best if she didn't find out about this at all.

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