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   Chapter 507 What Are You Going To Do

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7747

Updated: 2019-03-07 00:18

Jean heaved a big sigh of relief when she finally spotted Zed. When she got closer, her relief was replaced by hurt for him as he had disappeared without a trace.

She thought she too will sneak up on him and take him by surprise.

Jean tiptoed towards him to give a start. After all she had got so worried when she couldn't find him.

Jean sneaked closer to him against his back as she slowed down her steps and lowered her breath.

As she was hardly within a hand's distance, Jean heard something that shook and jolted her at once.

"Do it tonight, at the top of the mountain. Stay down and be prepared to attack any time. I'll give you the order then."

Zed's low voice resounded in the quiet air. The sinister words sent a chill down her spine. Suddenly, she turned pale.

Regaining her senses, she took a step back in revulsion and felt miserable about the ominous meaning that lurked behind the word 'attack'. What did Zed mean?

Zed heard a twig crackle under his feet. He immediately turned around to see Jean standing behind him in utter shock. He too was caught off-guard for just a second but soon calmed down.

"Who exactly are you? What are you going to do?"

Jean asked as if she was looking at a stranger.

Noticing Jean's unhappy face, Zed was caught in a complex mess of emotions.

"Jean, I tried to tell you my real identity earlier but you refused. I promise you that I'll tell you as soon as things are finished. Is that all right? Time's running out today."

"What do you mean 'Time's running out'?" Jean was dazed and she couldn't understand the reality at all at the moment.

Do it tonight? Stay down? Attack? Order?

How strange the words were! Jean was stunned by what scary meaning hid behind them.

Who was it that he was after? Whose life did he want?

No. They were all her friends. She could never allow him to hurt any one of them.

As least she wouldn't allow it before she figured out who he was exactly.

"We are about to go now." Seeing Jean's face turn darker, Zed struggled deeply in his heart. Eventually, he walked to Jean and stopped before her. Jean looked at him guarded.

Zed put on a pained smile and asked,"Jean, am I looking like a monster to you right now? Are you afraid of me?"

"Who are you then?" Jean cautiously asked him again, n

will be a pure thrilling experience."

On hearing this, Jean looked up at the golden sky.

"Maranda, it's also a kind of happiness to be taken care of." Soon Jean giggled and teased Maranda. "What adventure? You'll definitely being crying out by tomorrow."

"Why?" Maranda asked with curiosity in her voice.

"Because we hardly exercise. Though we aren't carrying proper rucksacks, climbing the mountain still needs strength and energy. By tomorrow, when we would have worked all those unused muscles, our bodies would be aching stiff. Trust me, it will get hard for us to just walk," Jean replied as she laughed out.

"You are bluffing." Maranda frowned at Jean trying to scare her and didn't buy her version of being in pain by tomorrow.

"You'll see it for yourself." Jean didn't explain more but leaned towards Maranda and whispered,"That's why Zed didn't want me to climb the mountain."

"If that's true, then how about we give up now?" Maranda hesitated at once since she finally believed that Jean wasn't joking.

"We are already here. Do you really want to give it up? Are you willing to miss the splendid sunset and sunrise at the top of the mountain?" Jean asked with a teasing look at Maranda.

Maranda felt torn between the two suggestions.

"Fine, fine. Let's slow down. We can bear it if we don't rush it." Noticing Maranda baffled, Jean intertwined her arm with Maranda's and added,"If you get tired later, you can always ask Ron to carry you on his back! After all, you are a couple now. We won't tease you!"

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