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   Chapter 506 He’s A Little Strange

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7232

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"Zed, you don't need to worry so much. It's gonna be alright," Maranda said to allay Zed's fears.

Zed smiled a broad bright smile at Maranda who was trying to placate him. He still held Jean's hand and walked her to a seat.

"Ok, then. Everyone is here. Let's order now!" Ron passed the menu to Zed and affably said,"Zed, please go first."

Zed frowned at Ron's courtesy. But when he noticed everyone watching him, Zed reciprocated the friendliness and said,"I'm not good at ordering. Jean does this better."

So Zed passed the menu to Jean.

Jean felt that she was put on the spot since now everyone's attention was on her. So she waved her hand gesturing a big no and said,"Maranda, how about you order? We are all your friends. You should know everyone's taste better."

And so, the card was now in Maranda's hands.

"Alright. Are we going to eat or continue to pass the menu from one person to another?" Maranda happily started reading the menu and butted in,"I'll order then."

She called the waiter who had been patiently waiting on the side. She almost gave him a list of dishes, as if it were half the menu.

Since climbing the mountain was the next thing they were to do, she ordered only one bottle of wine, which was shared between more than ten people.

The dishes were carefully ordered as Maranda had carefully catered to each and everyone's taste on the table.

They had a great meal and were all pleased by the time they wrapped up.

As they headed towards the elevator, Jean asked Maranda with some tentativeness showing on her face. "Are we going to climb the mountain now?"

"In a while." Maranda smiled and added,"Ron and Calvin wrote the manager of the resort a list of things we'd need and asked him to buy them for us. So, we'll make a move once the manager has arranged for everything we've asked for."

"Buy? Buy what?" Jean was surprised by their odd request.

"The stuff we are going to need when climbing. For example, walking sticks, water, snacks, towels, medicine, tents..."

Jean frowned at once when she heard Maranda's words. "Maranda, what did you just say? Tents?"

"Yeah! We'll arrive at the top o

Jean nodded her head and then added,"But Moore, watch out for Calvin please. I can sense that Zed doesn't like him. If Calvin does anything inappropriate, stop him at once."

"Why do you ask me to stop Calvin, instead of stopping Zed?" Moore was a little surprised with Jean's words.

"Zed has got me. And I need you to deal with Calvin," Jean replied.

"Okay. I get your point." Moore nodded his head.

They returned to their rooms respectively. Jean grabbed her backpack and put the moisturizer, the power bank and some other stuff into it. She then brought two more coats before going into Moore's room to check in on him.

When they arrived at the gate, everyone was there. A few local guys were carrying the stuff that the truck brought back just now. Everyone was raring to go.

"Are we going now?" Jean asked anxiously.

She didn't find Zed there so she got worried.

"Soon. Have you packed everything you need?" Maranda asked.

"Yeah. Maranda, did you see Zed?" Jean kept looking around but she still couldn't find him anywhere.

"Oh, you are looking for Zed!" Maranda smiled at once when she saw Jean's anxious look. She added,"I saw him heading in that direction just now."

Maranda pointed to a place on her left.

"I'll go find him." Jean nodded and started walking towards a building.

After she took a turn just before the establishment, she found Zed talking on the phone with one hand in his pocket.

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