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   Chapter 505 Moore, What Do You Think

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7339

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Zed removed his hands from Jean's body and smoothened his clothes. After hand-combing his dishevelled hair, he got up to open the door.

"Moore?" Zed was slightly surprised to see him standing outside the door.

"It's time for lunch. Would you like to join us?" Moore asked with a smile.

"Yeah. Of course." Jean heard that it was Moore. She too, had groomed herself to not give any hint of what she and Zed has been up to. She walked over gaily to them and said,"I'm hungry."

"Let's go and have a big lunch. I can't let my two babies starve." Zed caressed Jean's head as he said in an indulgent tone.

Jean suddenly blushed. She glared at Zed unhappily and said,"Zed, be careful about how you behave in front of others. I don't want everyone to know about my pregnancy. That's not fun."

"Fun?" Zed shrugged his shoulders and gave her a half-embarassed grin. Later, he closed the door, took Jean's hand in his and started walking towards the restaurant with Moore.

"Yeah. We are here for fun. I hope everybody has a good time. But if they get to know that I'm pregnant, they won't be able to enjoy themselves carefree. Rather, most will start fussing over me, which is neither fun for me nor for the others," Jean explained to Zed.

"I understand what you mean. I just hope you can take care of yourself at all times. And you're not allowed to drink alcohol," Zed exhorted.

"Alright. I know." Jean felt slightly impatient. She shook off Zed's hand and walked into the elevator.

A tinge of helplessness crossed Zed's concerned face. He winced in pain and said to Moore,"I am just like a mother hovering over her child and cold-shouldered then."

Moore didn't agree with him. He shook his head and said,"Think about it in the best way possible. This will be a special secret between you two. You have no idea how envious those people will get if they ever got to know."

Moore's words made Zed feel better.

Zed looked at Jean tenderly. Jean felt him thaw in his behaviour, and asked Moore,"What did you say to him? He looks strange. What are you up to?"

"I didn't say anything." Moore answered feigning innocence.

Jean wouldn't believe him at all. She felt jealous

just been discharged from the hospital. He still hasn't healed completely and has been advised against undertaking any strenuous exercise. And Jean, you know that Maranda, is not very well too,"

Zed explained.

Someone tittered before he had finished his words.

"Mr. Qi, you worry too much."

A young man smiled at Zed and went on,"It's just a small hill of a few hundred meters. We won't spend much time or energy on it. The road to the top of the hill is well-constructed. If we climb it as we chat, it'll hardly be tiring."

By this time, Jean delightedly looked up at Zed.

Zed saw her desperate eyes and exhaled deeply.

He turned to Moore standing next to them and said,"Moore, what do you think?"

Moore felt the dilemma that very moment. Obviously Zed had thrown him a googly. But he himself was not too sure.

They didn't want to announce their pregnancy yet.

But he could see that Jean was eager to go about climbing. Besides, they had been told that the mountain was not high and the road was very good.

So he nodded and said,"Let's go! If there is something wrong, then we can always turn back."

Jean was so excited. She looked at Moore as if he were her lifesaver.

'Hope everything is fine up there.' Moore thought to himself.

Zed finally agreed. He wanted Jean to be happy. So he nodded and said,"Okay then. But if there is anything wrong with them, we will come back at once. And you guys can continue your fun."

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