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   Chapter 504 Listen To Me This Time

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8264

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Zed grimaced in pain as Jean was unable to see from his perspective.

"Please listen to me this time. Try and stay away from him. Jean, I rarely ask you to do anything for me. Please understand my feelings about this. Please, Jean, take care and listen to me this time!"

Zed's continuous pleas surprised Jean.

'Maybe he really means what he says. He is saying this because he cares for me instead of treating this lightly.'

Jean became serious and thought over why Zed had been entreating her.

On the other hand, Zed looked at Jean in trepidation, waiting for an answer.

After what seemed like a long time, Jean looked down at her shoes and said,"Zed, you don't have to worry about this. I am not on intimate terms with Calvin. So, we won't meet each other often. Besides, I know you will always stay by my side no matter what happens."

"But sometimes I can't keep you company. If Calvin invites you to go somewhere, you must not go out with him alone," Zed warned Jean with a solemn look.

"It seems like Calvin is a beast, if I go by how you speak of him. Are you really afraid that he will eat me?" Jean joked playfully. "Don't worry. I can tell whether a person is good or bad."

"Jean…" Seeing that Jean had not promised him directly, Zed instantly shouted exasperated.

"Okay, I promise you. Whether Calvin wants to chat with me or invites me to go somewhere, I will refuse him without hesitation. Is that okay?" Seeing Zed so edgy, Jean gave in to his fears and compromised.

Zed was rather reassured after hearing Jean's promise.

"I am saying this not because I am too cautious. But…" Suddenly, Zed stopped mid-sentence.

Without saying anything more, Zed moaned in his heart.

'Jean, you will understand it sooner or later.'

"But what?" Seeing that Zed had stopped in the middle of his sentence, Jean's curiosity was stoked.

"But now you are pregnant. How can I not be cautious?" Zed quickly tried to cover it up.

Zed's being protective of their baby always brought a smile to Jean's face. She uttered,"I see. Since I am pregnant, you are more cautious for me. Don't worry! I will care about our baby as much as you do. I will protect our baby well."

"Well, now that you echo my feelings this way, I feel relieved." Zed finally had calmness overcome him. He looked at Jean serenely and asked,"Aren't you angry now?"

"If I were still angry with you, I wouldn't have been talking with you now." Jean looked at Zed, please

l be wonderful to take her out like this.

As for talking to the baby…'

"You definitely don't love our baby." As Zed's eyes glazed over, Jean immediately understood what he was thinking about and glared at him.

"Jean, please believe me. Of course, I love our baby." Zed looked at Jean and explained quickly,"But our baby has not been born and you ask me to talk to it. Can he hear me? I feel strange and it seems as if I will be talking to myself."

Seeing Zed so awkward about the whole thing, Jean couldn't help but shake her head in defeat.

'I did not think about Zed's feelings in all this.

He looked so cold and seldom cared about others earlier. In fact, he rarely looks at others in the eye, let alone talk to others gently.

He also loves our baby but he needs some time to adapt.'

An idea struck her. Jean immediately nodded. "Okay! We should not discuss about this issue for the time being. Let's give it a rest. I will read some books on fetal education and discuss what I should do with you then."

"Okay." Zed cracked his neck muscles that had gotten stiff due to their tense exchange.

'It doesn't mean that I don't want to pay attention to our baby. But it isn't born yet. Will our baby feel stressed in the future if we already have great expectations on it?

Still, Jean has been considerate of my feelings and think it's best to take some time and consider things carefully.'

Zed was moved by how Jean often understood things that he hardly put into words. He couldn't help but hug her, with happiness on his face.

After they flirted with each other for some more time, someone knocked on the door.

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