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   Chapter 503 Maranda and Ron's Marriage

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8520

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"I don't know. Ron was also rather confused when I asked him. This was why he thought pleading for Calvin would be inappropriate." Maranda's shoulders were hunched in resignation.

"Well, don't be too worried." Jean patted Maranda on her shoulder to comfort her,"Perhaps Calvin's mood will get better after he has fun in this trip."

"Hmm. These days, you'd better keep your distance from him! I fear he has said something very annoying to Zed that he shouldn't have," Maranda exhorted Jean in earnest.

"I get it." Maranda's words brought the truth home to Jean. She added,"Please be assured that I will!"

"I can't be assured! How can I be? I just saw Zed not looking in the best of spirits. Did you really quarrel with each other on your way here? Is what Calvin said true?"

Maranda was nervously wringing her hands as she asked Jean.

"How is that possible?" Jean had not seen Maranda's question coming. She was stunned. Still, it only took her a minute to regain her composure as she smiled at Maranda and said,"That's alright. Zed usually pull a long face, looking like someone owes him money. Don't take it to heart."

"Hmm. I am taking you to your room. I have specially chosen an apartment with the best view, the most luxurious one of the resort village, for you and Zed." Maranda tried to lighten things up. She flashed a mysterious smile at Jean to get her curious.

"You are behaving so suggestively!" Jean immediately saw through what Maranda was thinking and planning for her and Zed. She said,"Zed and I have been married for a long time. You can arrange any accommodation for us. There's hardly any need to do something special. But how about you and Ron? When are you guys getting engaged?"

"We will be announcing it officially very soon," said Maranda full of glee. "Our parents have met and started to discuss our marriage..." Clearly, Maranda was unable to contain her happiness.

"That's really quick!" Jean looked at her in surprise. Maranda's relationship with Ron had hastened beyond the normal time a relationship takes to reach the marriage stage. A bit perplexed, Jean asked her friend,"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Now, we still haven't selected the date to get married. As soon as the date gets confirmed, you'll be the first one to know." Maranda took both of Jean's hands and squeezed them in excitement.

"That's wonderful. Now I'd have to start thinking of a magnificent wedding gift for you two." Jean giggled with joy on hearing such welcome news. She was bursting with happiness for he

I just kissed you. Don't worry. Nothing will happen." Zed was a little sexually aroused as he saw Jean's blushed face.

But he was making every effort to control himself. Jean's voice got a little hoarse, arousing him all the more.

"What do you mean when you say nothing would happen?" Jean was alarmed and feared the meaning behind Zed's words. She warned Zed,"Don't think I will forgive you. I will absolutely not forgive you if any problem occurs to my baby!"

Jean said furiously.

"Okay, do not forgive me." Zed stretched his hands out to hug Jean and assure her of his good intentions. He inhaled deeply and said,"I admit I got so jealous and upset that I didn't notice my manner of speaking, and inevitably, made you sad. But Jean, you have to believe me. All that I have ever done is for your good."

"For my good?" Jean became angry on hearing Zed's words. Then, she continued,"Do you think men should be suspected for having illicit motives just because they strike a conversation with me?"

"No, I don't," Zed said to Jean seriously, looking straight into her eyes. "But I really think Calvin is doubtful. You should keep your distance from him. Okay?"

"Zed, why do I feel that you don't like him? Did you know Calvin from somewhere?" Jean couldn't help probing Zed on this as she noticed Zed looking dead serious when it came to Calvin.

Zed stared at Jean, with a conflict going through his mind.

After a long while, he sighed and said,"Perhaps as Calvin said, he knows me, but I have forgotten who he is!"

"Fine. Stay arrogant and aloof as always!" Jean snorted in contempt, and said,"He isn't much inferior to you, but you pretend that he doesn't even exist."

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