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   Chapter 502 Why Do You Seem So Mean To Him

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9647

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"Did you really explain patiently? No, you were overreacting!" exclaimed Jean, her voice rising in indignation. She fixed her eyes on Zed and added,"You seemed to have lost control when you heard that Calvin wants to catch up with me, didn't you? Is there something wrong with you?"

"All right, there is something wrong with me. Now what? You are my wife! What am I supposed to do when I see another guy talking with you in such an ambiguous way. Do you want me to shrink back and pretend that nothing has happened?" replied an angry Zed. Clearly, he did not want to repress himself anymore.

"Zed Qi, you asshole! I can't believe that you just said that to insult me……" shouted Jean in anger, her eyes became red because of holding back her tears.

Feeling annoyed by Jean and Zed's quarreling, Moore could do nothing but stop the car aside. He let out a sigh and said,"Oh my, really? Quarreling again? Alright, I have had enough. Thank god that we are in the last car. Other cars are way ahead of us. If they were nearby, they would have heard the loud voice of you two, and everyone would have known that you're fighting again now." After finishing his words, he got out of the driver's seat.

Jean got out and quickly followed Moore. "Well, I don't think he cares. Otherwise, how can he act like this? It turns out that well-known Mr. Zed is a mean man!" exclaimed an angry Jean.

"Am I being mean? What do you expect me to do then? Am I supposed to sit and watch while you enjoy with other men?" replied Zed with a bitter smile on his face. He looked at Jean straight into her eyes.

"Oh come on, you two." Seeing no sign of Jean and Zed stopping their quarrel, Moore was really frustrated. He put one of his hands on his forehead to show his annoyance. "Why don't you two become a little bit mature? I mean, you're going to be parents soon. When will you two stop being so childish? The quarrels between you two really make me annoyed," said Moore in a helpless tone.

"Moore, let's just leave him alone. Well, he has a lot of complaints about my friend. He'd better go back alone. I'm going to call Maranda and ask her to pick us up. There is no point in going with this crazy man!" answered Jean.

After she finished speaking, Jean dug into her purse and took out her cellphone.

At first, Zed assumed she was joking but now he realized she was serious. Suddenly, he stepped forward and caught hold of her arm. He asked in an angry tone,"Are you going to leave without me?"

"Yes! Since you don't like my friend, and you suspect him, I don't wish to come with you. You are full of dirty thoughts. How can I have fun with you around? And how can you possibly have fun in this suspicious state?" replied Jean with a groan.

"Either you come home with me, or I go with you," said Zed in a cold tone. With a pale look on his face, he added,"Don't try to leave me be

an to him?"

"He is a naughty guy, Jean. He seems to have changed into a different person ever since he came back from the Imperial Capital. I'm afraid that he will totally lose control if I don't get tough with him. Since Zed is here with us, I will not allow him to make a fool of himself," replied Maranda. Then she led Jean towards the resort village, holding Jean's arm lovingly.

"Is it that bad as you said?" Jean asked and she couldn't help laughing at the same time.

"Well, it's true. I'm not exaggerating," replied Maranda quickly. As she spoke, she stopped suddenly and looked around as if she was about to say something really private. After making sure there was no one else around, she whispered in a low voice,"As you might know, some time ago, Calvin went back to the Imperial Capital to see his grandfather. I once overheard Ron's conversation with Calvin. From what I heard, it seemed like Calvin had made some serious mistakes.

His family members were pretty disappointed in him. In fact, his assets were confiscated and he was grounded by his grandfather. He seems to have changed completely after coming back from the Imperial Capital. None of us expect that. He was supposed to be upset and in a low mood after what he had gone through. But unexpectedly, he seemed to care nothing about it. He became very high profile. He went to clubs every night and ended up drunk.

It was Ron who carried him home in the middle of the night and took care of him every time. Therefore, when he suddenly said that he was coming to the resort village to relax, Ron and I are very happy. We just want him to take a break here and stop drinking." After her words, Maranda let out a sigh.

"How did that happen?" Jean asked out of amazement, finding it hard to believe what Maranda had just said. With surprise written all over her face, she added,"What did Calvin do to deserve such a severe punishment?"

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