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   Chapter 501 Why Did Calvin Have To Do That

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6653

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"Zed, what do you mean?" Jean was shocked and annoyed all of a sudden, so she glared at Zed.

"I meant nothing!" Zed stared ahead and said,"But obviously, he has a crush on you."

"Zed, you have overestimated me!" Instead of showing anger, Jean laughed and continued,"Not everyone thinks of something dirty when they see me."

"Jean, I don't want to fight with you!" Zed glanced at Jean and said,"I will do anything if you prove me wrong that Calvin has feelings for you."

"You are always suspicious. You doubt everyone around you! For the sake of our baby, please don't fight with me! Don't bother me." Jean snorted and turned away from Zed.

Moore sat behind them and stared at the two of them fighting like children. The issue was quite simple, yet they quarrelled angrily.

If Moore kept quiet, then they would keep arguing.

"Zed, Jean, calm yourselves down first! Listen to me!" Moore said as he sighed. Then, he continued,"Both of you have your own reasons and you both think that the other is wrong. In my opinion, this is not something serious. Why on earth are you two arguing for something not that serious? It is even affecting your relationship. Zed, as Jean's husband, you should trust her, cherish her and take good care of her. You shouldn't doubt Jean just because others did something."

"I don't doubt Jean. I just feel that Calvin doesn't behave appropriately when he sees Jean. So I want her to be careful." Zed explained his side of the story.

"Be careful? Zed, do you think that Calvin would get me in trouble?" Jean suddenly replied as she heard what Zed said.

"You!" Zed wanted to say something but he paused. He didn't know how to explain. Instead, he glared at Jean angrily.

"Jean, I am not blaming you! But you are really short-tempered and you should change that!" Moore saw them argue again, so he hurriedly comforted Jean,"Zed is your husband. He only wants the best for you! Zed is a reasonable person, and he won't jump on the conclusion

u are alone," Moore said to Jean with a smile.

All of a sudden, Jean stopped talking. She had been annoyed by Zed, so she hadn't really thought things through.

But since Moore have spoken out the same misgiving as Zed, Jean had to take this issue seriously.

Zed, who was sitting in the back seat, looked gloomy. Jean was not as furious as she had been before, but Zed still felt a little uncomfortable.

'Why didn't Jean understand when I said that?

And she understood when Moore said it?

Is there any problem with my way of explaining things?

Or if Jean didn't want me to say anything in front of her friend?

If that is so, then why did she even bring me here?'

Zed couldn't understand why he and Jean always quarrelled with each other over something unimportant.

"Zed, I talked to Jean. Now, I have something to tell you." Moore looked at Zed from the rearview mirror. After thinking for a while, he said,"I know that I have no right to say something like this to you and Jean. But as your friend, I have to say that you need to be more patient. I believe Jean will understand everything as long as you explain to her patiently. In this way, every problem would be solved."

"Will that work? I wanted to explain patiently, but before I could finish my words, she revolted," Zed said bitterly.

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