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   Chapter 500 See You Again, Calvin

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7583

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"Don't worry, Jean. This is not as big or serious a deal as you are making it out to be. My parents won't get angry with you. It's a trifle, really. You can believe me. If something goes wrong, you can come to me to sort it out." Seeing Jean get more and more worked up as she delved into the topic, Zed quickly tried to comfort her.

"I didn't say that father and mother are petty, but in my heart I have been uncomfortable about leaving them behind like this. And I can't cross that line of thought." Jean sighed.

"Well, don't think too much." Zed too shrugged his shoulders seeing the conversation not going anywhere. "My parents understand us. They also know that I hardly get time to go out with you. Naturally, they don't want us to waste our weekends just staying at home with them. Besides, they know you're pregnant, and keeping a pregnant woman happy is most important.

Well, let's just go to the resort for one day and come back tomorrow afternoon. This way, we can stay at home with my parents for a day before they return to the Imperial Capital. What do you think of that?" Zed looked at Jean and suggested a middle ground.

Suddenly, Jean beamed with hope. Zed had seen through her misery and given her the perfect way to do both. "That's a good idea! We'll come back tomorrow so that I won't upset Maranda or displease your parents," She looked at Zed and said.

"Even if we don't go back tomorrow, you won't offend my parents. I just don't want you to feel sorry and guilty about this," Zed told her affectionately.

"Well, no matter what the ultimate goal is, it's decided." Jean cast her grumpiness aside, and was now in a completely upbeat mood.

Zed couldn't help but chuckle at this. He drove in silence and he had his eyes glued to the road until they reached the high-speed intersection where Maranda was supposed to be waiting for them.

Once they were there, they saw five cars parked on the curbside. With many a young man and woman gathered together, they looked like a picture of youth and happiness.

As Jean's car parked next to the group, she too looked visibly excited.

Especially when Maranda came running towards her, Jean's face broke into peals of laughter.

"Maranda..." Jean greeted her in good cheer. But jus

was seated, he turned on the ignition key.

Zed looked lost in thought as he followed the car in front of them.

Jean's face too looked doubtful. "What's wrong, Zed? Don't you like to come out with people you don't know?" She looked at Zed and asked.

"No, not for this. Jean, that Calvin, are you familiar with him? Just before leaving, he said he'd like to talk to you again. I thought your relationship was limited to the video incident only. It seems your relationship was much closer than I thought it is..." Zed uttered his doubts in the open.

"Oh, you just think too much. We're ordinary friends. After the video incident, Calvin came to the hospital to see me once or twice. Nothing else," Jean explained in a hurry.

"Is that really all?" Zed looked at Jean suspiciously and asked. 'If they are just friends, why did Calvin behave so vaguely and looked at her differently just now?' Zed wondered.

"That's really all. If you don't believe it, you can ask Moore." Irritation was rising in her voice.

'Clearly, I have a closer relationship with Moore than Calvin, but how Zed is reacting to him coming and talking to me?

Rather, if it weren't for Calvin and Ron's clarification, we would have had a hard time putting the video incident behind us. If not for them, I'm afraid I'd have still been haunted by gossip even now.

So why does Zed not thank Calvin, but instead mistrust him?' she wondered.

"Ask Moore what? After all, he doesn't follow you every minute," Zed said coldly.

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